If Tiger had any pride left he would retire

Currently T139 and 6 stroke off the cut line, at the old course no less.

Just goes to show you that cheating on your wife and having her find out will destroy your mental game forever. He hasn’t been the same since all that went down.

I can’t think of any solid wins since then - does he have any post scandal?

On the other hand, banging Lindsey Vonn regularly would probably also improve your confidence.

maybe he’s not a quitter. would love to see him make a comeback.

the comeback is real


He has had at least one really solid year since then, 4 or 5 wins including a WGC event if I remember correctly. He just hasn’t managed to be a real factor in majors, which for a player of his former stature is all that really matters. He’s currently ranked 241st in the world. David Toms is ranked 10 spots higher and he’s just riding it out until he’s eligible for the Senior Tour.

he will win again…he just needs to stop pretending he can be in a monogomous relationship

He won five times in 2013 including the PLAYERS so it was not that long ago that he was back on track ready to contend in majors. However, his game is in disarray at the moment and it will take a monumental effort to get back to winning even regular tour events.

He still does okay for someone who reinvents his swing as often as I change underwear.

^ He might steal another Masters in the next few years, but I don’t think he has a shot at 18 majors anymore.

No way he gets to 18. I think that is a given, especially now. Too many good young players. I agree he might get a Masters in his 40s but even that is hard with Spieth, Rory and all the young guys now. He may not win again which would be quite incredible.

He might not win again, but I don’t really know why he would quit. What is he going to do if he retires? Relax and hit the links? he already gets to play golf all day, he might as well make money doing it.

if he gets 1 more, i think he can get 4 more. just needs the momentum again

The reason why he wont quit, is that despite his sex & cheating scandals, he still makes like 40 million in endorsements by companies like Nike who for some reason keep paying him.

As long as that continues, he’s going to milk it as much as he can

Ask Nicklaus why he doesn’t play on the Champions Tour anymore.

“Its better to burn out than fade away”

  • Kurt Cobain

For some reason means that no one wants to see all those fat asses in PGA or ugly people like Rory. Commentators always tell you how Tiger is doing, even if he is not in the top few players.

Taking career / life advice from someone who shot themselves doesn’t strike me as a good plan.

One of the 21st century’s great philosophers.

One of the 21st 20th century’s preeminent philosophers.