If Tom Brady had any pride left, he would retire

At age 37, Peyton Manning started 16 games, threw the ball 659 times for 5,477 yards and 55 TD’s.

At age 38, he threw 597 times for 4,727 yards and 39 TD’s.

At age 39, he played 10 games, 9 TD’s, and 17 picks. He went on to do absolutely nothing in the Super Bowl, then he retired.

Brett Favre turned 38 in 2007, which was his last season in GB. He threw for 4,155 yards, with 28 TD’s and 15 INT’s.

When he turned 39, his yardage dropped to 3,472 with 22 TD’s and 22 INT’s. (Granted, it was with the Jets. But anyway…)

At age 40, he had a great year (with the Vikings). 4,200 yards, 33 TD’s, and only 7 INT’s.

At age 41, he missed his last three games, and only threw for 2,500 yards with 11 TD’s and 19 INT’s.

Tom Brady turns 39 today. Hmmmm…

you obviously haven’t read up on Tom’s health and longevity nutritional program. He takes nutrition and muscle elasticity more seriously than anyone in the history of major professional sports. Will be interesting to see if his decades long discipline bears any fruit now.

Tom Brady still holds the slowest 40 time in the NFL combine amongst QBs. He’s an athletic freak.

^Maybe slow twitch key to longevity…

Brady shares a birthday with Martha Stewart!

Well obviously all his counting stats are going to be down this year because he’s a dirty cheater and the worst person to ever live. Don’t go out on a limb too far, Greenie. Would you take Blake Bortles over him if Blake can start all 16 games in 2016? Prob.

Haha, I was waiting for ltj’s response. It did not disappoint.


No, but I would definitely take Tony Romo for 16 games over Tom Brady for 12.

Lol Tony Romo for 16 games! That’s a good one…

Honestly I bet if you asked any NFL GM who’d they’d rather have out of choices:

A: Brady for 12, backup (any) for 4

B: Romo for 16

Guaranteeing full health for choice B… everyone would still choose A. No doubt about it.

I don’t think any sane, objective person believes that Brady’s performance will not start to decline significantly in the next few years. Will it be this year? Maybe, maybe not. Will it be next year? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is certain though, he will not be putting up 4,000 yds, 30 TD’s in the 2020 season.

If he sold his soul to the devil, all bets are off. The evidence is strong.

Haha c’mon. Greenie’s saying he’ll start to crap the bed this season. You give yourself a five year buffer? I’ll split the difference. Brady dead in 2018 of avocado overdose.

I actually think his numbers will drop off a cliff in 2-3 seasons, but didn’t want to be guilty of overconfidence bias.

For the record -

Brady’s 2015 Stats - He completed 402/624 passes for 4,770 yards with 36 TD’s, and 7 INT’s. His passer rating was 102.2. He started all 16 games.

Greenie’s predictions:

2016 - He’ll be 39 years old, and have a noticeable drop-off in performance. Maybe 4100 yards w/30 TD’s and 15 picks.

2017 - He’ll be 40 years old and have a stinker of a season. If he completes it, 3500 yards, 20 TD’s with 20 picks. He realizes he doesn’t have it anymore and hangs it up.

BTW, I don’t hate Brady and I don’t hate the Patriots. I actually like the Patriots, despite the fact that they play in the AFC. (I don’t generally watch many AFC games. I like Fox better than CBS.)

I just think that Tom Brady’s fooling himself if he thinks he can play another five years. I bet his age starts catching up to him pretty quick.

dont forget he got suspended for 4 games for cheating

IIRC his 2015 season set the NFL record for lowest INT/pass attempt %. He’s only getting smarter as he gets older surprise

But I mean really who knows. Predicting the demise of a 40 year old NFL player is pretty easy. You’re probably right, I personally hope you’re not. Jacoby Brissett next GOAT???