If you had to go back to school to get a new job, what would you study?

I mean for future job growth opportunities. I know nursing and other medical technology studies are hot, but what else?

Petro engineering.


There are likely to be a lot of depressed people around. Some of them might have money.

A therapist? That takes 10 years schooling and training. No way.

Swim wear modelling.

I seem to be pretty definitively heading down the track of finance, so I guess the MBA is my next step. But I’ve also considered teaching/education as an alternate career – it’s something I definitely want to do down the line.

Do teaching “down the line.” Teaching is enjoyable as an activity, but not as a job. If you have talent and know something that people want to learn, you can circle back to teach it once you have found a way to support yourself elsewhere.

I started an MBA program last fall, focusing on finance. I initially went back to fast-track advancement at my current employer, but now it seems the promotion isn’t going to offer a very competitive pay increase so it looks like I’ll be leaving next year.

I was thinking about a career as a Sonographer? They can make 6 figures and I think schooling is only 2 years. However, some schools are really expensive $$$.

i would do broadcasting/communication and then mingle on air with folks from fox business and cnbc but not bloomberg i dont like their style.

definitely engineering. Probably alt energy engineer.

I would of done educatioin and taught math in a high school. Also coach baseball.

Probably honours in Economics and get a cruizy government job

The average salary for a sonographer is $57,160 in May 2006. http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos273.htm#earnings

I would have gone for a BS-MS-PhD track in “how not to totally PWN WillyR, comp_sci_kid, and JOE2010”. Seems like I’m very uneducated in this line of study.

Forward Observer in the artillery Helicopter Pilot Mechanic

If I had to do it all over again, Joint ROTC, be the best I can be, joint Air Force and fly fighter jets.


do any schools have degrees in adult movie direction? if so, i’d do that.