If you pass, what other designation are you planning to work toward?



CIPM… #not

NONE! I will be done

Dad, Head xxxxx, Marathon finisher… not in order.

I plan train Muay Thai.

i will holiday every year now and not study :slight_smile:

Why? Hope i wont offend anybody but ! CFA is toughest to get and most recognized. why to have second class certification when you’ve got already 1 class? Correct - No reason

Same here, nothing more for a while. Unless you want to be a professional student your whole life, letters mean nothing to employers unless you can translate to real world effectiveness/productivity. My plan is finally start focusing on work and earning money, not letters after my name.

Just late regged for the CAIA LI exam…let’s see how this goes…

Considering two of the FINRA supervisory exams. Some of you here from the US may want to look at Series 16 if you think you will supervise analysts or approve their work.

if you don’t already have it, those of you in the US working on published analysis should consider Series 86/87. If done with Level 2, note the CFA exemption from 86.

For either, would need to discuss with your firm.

Going to shoot for the MBA later this year or next year. I’m hoping the GMAT will be much easier. Other than that, I plan to start rock climbing.

CPA? Maybe?

I planned to sign up for CIPM or FRM but now I’m not sure whether those will bring that much additional value for me. I think I would just learn a new language as it could provide a better payoff.

Got my MBA first…so all done…may consider a PhD later in life.

I’m a performance analyst however my manager probably doesn’t even know what the cipm is so idk if it’d worth getting. Considering it though.

Running my first marathon in NY this year… might be more scared for that than CFA III. It’s a close to a tie though.

Also hoping to do more outdoor rock climbing. Still afraid of heights!!

A PhD in what, exactly?

Studying for the GMAT. Life felt weird not studying everyday after work… Trying to get into top ten MBA of IE Business School’s Masters in Advanced Finance.

CAIA doesn’t seem to be too difficult if you passed level 1 thru 3 of CFA. what is its weighting (probably depends on who you ask) in the industry as an add-on to CFA? Also, carries annual fees. …probably falls in the same bucket as FRM or CIPM…depends on whether you are targeting a job specific to the additional know-how you may acquire…