if you think you failed -- predict your band

7 here, give or take 1. I’ll be really mad if i failed with 10.

think i’m in band 10.


I’ve said this since I walked out of the test; FAIL Band 10 is my gut feeling. I screwed the pooch on the 10% Econ question and Deriv currency question, next to last q in the AM session; I think those keep me from +71% in those areas and could very well be the diff between Pass/Fail. Ethics was brutal, held my own everywhere else. However, being an optimsit, I predict PASS on the pint of whiskey that will be joining me at 6AM PDT on 18 Aug!!!

i don’t know. i came out blank on 10 questions in the morning and 15 questions in the afternnon. Had to guess on these at the end of the exam. I found some many of the other questions very tricky so don’t know if i was right or wrong



if you think you failed in band 10 then more than likely you passed. you are saying that b/c you felt good but do not want to jinx yourself!

I felt good when I left the test. A week later I felt like a band 10. A week after than I felt like a band 9. Today, I feel like the CFAI is going to release a press statement saying that one L2 candidate actually marked 120 incorrect answers for the first time in history.

i felt good but then i remembered how many questions i guessed on.




I took a massive guess all around. Topics that I was good at, also i didn’ tknow how to answer. the exam was just unreal. But because I believe in my abilities to guess, I say i failed by band 7. So if results come out with band 3, i’ll really be upset even tho a fail is a fail. But band 7 fail i expect, while band 3 fail i don’t. When my expectations match my result it feels good cuz then you know how much more you have to study for next year.

I’m nervous but I don’t wish to fail. Hope lady luck will be with me on 18th august. Lets all hope for the best.

10 or 9

10 or 9

Seriously 50% of the posters think they will fail in band 10! Give me a break!

Do any of the retakers think they failed in band 8-10?

oldboy321 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m nervous but I don’t wish to fail. Hope lady > luck will be with me on 18th august. Lets all hope > for the best. By August 18th, lady luck will be way too late. Nothing will change your results between exam day and release day. If you ever needed her, it was on June 8th… As soon as the exam was over, no amount of luck was going to change your answers.