if you use pen in AM, how do you scratch circles?

tend to use pen rather than pensil. but what if i need to change my answer on those circle questions? how should this be done in a neat and unconfusing way?


I’m not sure. Please report back once you find the answer.

Omg good question!

I heard that if you draw a five pointed star within the correct circle, and give woe to the earth and sea, and send the beast with wrath, they’ll know which one you meant.


I plan on drawing a squiggly line through first circle, circling new answer, surrounding the new answer with 4 arrows pointing inward and then referencing my new chosen answer in the description box.

Yeah I went hunting once. Shot a deer in the leg. Had to kill it with a shovel. Took about an hour. Why do you ask?

You simply X it out and then circle the one you want, followed by some kind of justification

Prick your finger and smear blood over the answer you’ve decided against.

The real question is… What if you decide your first answer is correct and want to circle the one that you crossed out?

Ooooo…yesss, good question.

Do you think it would be acceptable if you re-wrote the word correct or incorrect above or below, and circled it?

Wait. We’re supposed to be circling those choices?!?!

I’ve been using squares. FML.

It’d be wise to spend the next nine days practicing your circles, bro…

use pencil jabronis

carefully lick it off, blow dry and re-write

So which strategy worked for people?

If you really prefer to use a pen for everything else, why don’t you use a pencil just to make the circles? and then you erase and that’s it…

PS: Pencils are supposed to be ok to use anyways:


a little late, but just lol’d.