Im dead serious...

I found this on the interwebs:

Basically no porn, no spanking it. It’s called “No Fap”… its basically a challenge. Reason? Its not natural and it jacks up your system and desire to meet chicks. Those that partake experience: More energy, confidence, attention from women, sleep better, more energy, better mood, more presence, mental clarity… the list goes on. You can still have sex and the streak is intact. These are some viral threads from the interwebs. I suggest you read a few pages of this one (8,000+ posts): (NSFW- ppl post pics of hot chicks to be d!cks) Reddit community: I’m on day 7, negros. Whatever you do, dont touch your D unless you’re taking a piss. This also motivates you to meet more chicks b/c its bang or nothing… the way your body is programmed to work. Also, seeing Brazilian girl @ the pool in a thong doesn’t help. Join the movement. Im always down for a challenge (see CFA exams & Power of Oneness). Also, if you have a GF, this works for you too- many ppl experience relationship issues due to masterbation and pornography. You can search “no fap” online and find lots of articles and ppl’s experiences w/ this. Some swear it saved their lives. I know CFAvsMBA owes me one since “Power of Oneness”- who else is in?

Is this similiar to that tantra sht discussed in American Pie ~ 1999?

That’s what came to my mind. Stifler’s mom

This is some Tim Tebow level shit here. Count me in, starting from… hold on. Hold on… ok starting from now.

This is interesting ill have to give it a try. What about exceptions for pre-hookups? If you’re on day 7 and expecting a lady friend you probably won’t last as long as you would like (even with her pleasures you may not be able to hold out). So how about modifying it to account for this potential problem but holding everything else constant?

@CFAvsMBA- I barely remember that movie, just a few select Shannon Elizabeth scenes anyways. (What happened to her?). Join the movement!

@Ohai- yeah, sounds very Christian but Im not doing it for religious reasons… just way too many ppl saying good things onlne to not give it a shot

@whats yourgov- That’s the big downfall… prepare yourself for instabust when you lay pipe. Dont break the rules… just please her other ways and dont pump too fast. One guy said that his load was so big it landed on the floor, made a huge THUD sound and woke up his parents, lol.

I think this explains many things about animals. For instance, what to tigers, dogs, horses, t-rex, etc. all have in common? No hands! So they cannot masturbate. In 30 days, you will see - I will have power of the t-rex.

I did scroll through some of the reddit forums (interesting people to say the least). Anyway, as my boy Kendrick Lamar says, “And it makes me come fast but I never get embarrased”.

A no-fap guy = a chick with PMS.

I did it for 30 days as a lark when I was younger and at the end, I was ready to shoot the the trees for moving wrong in the wind. Unbelievable rage, not to mention embarrassing boners at the sight of anything with an XX chromosome, that moved. No thanks.

Plus, as a married man, I get all the sex I want and never have to fap. Uh-huh.

Either that or you’ll end up humping a pillow like your dog… sounds like a win-win either way.

I question this comment. Or you haven’t been married for very long. Wait until you have kids and you’ll grow some hair on your palms.

very true.

Plus, as a married man, I get all the sex I want and never have to fap. J/K :-)) :smiley: :wink:

^ lol

I could pretty much cut the internet I do this… that’s like, $30/month. Not bad.

Day 9 … feeling pretty good right now! I went kinda low libido for a while but now its like being in high school again.

Roll call. Who else is in?

photo Tom-Cruise-Hairy-Palms--2844_zps7dbb7288.jpg

I live my life just like my old clunker when I was a broke-ass college student: with the tank almost empty all the time.

I’d probably suffer a stroke or something after three days of keeping the creamy ones stored. Only benefit would be getting those ultra loaded balls you see in PunishTube or similar websites.

Edit: And where is IH’s ghostbusters story?

I watch PunishTube for the compelling story lines.

Haha. I meant to tell him mad props on that one! Great story!

Fill the tank then unleash to brotein on the old lady IEV! You’re from Argentina, right? 1 day @ the beach is enough to fill the spank bank with mental images for life!