Im dead serious...

Thanks bro!

I’m IN, I think my memory/cognitive abilities are on decline due to excessive play with the junior ninja_economist… Lets see if I’m able to concentrate on work/studies better after this.

what a bunch of wankers… LOL

I’m in - 3 days -

on a related note

How you boys doing?

Day 12, checking in here. Feeling pretty good… I kinda like this.

Not noticing the redonk increase in swag. But overall I think its positive. I guess your test levels increase by 30-40% after 7 days. I think after 4 weeks is when you start feeling like a demi-god!

The other day my D was just rubbed up against something… felt way too good for incidental contact, lol

After I got snipped I was supposed to wait at least 7 days. I lasted 2. Got to say, that was the most cautious fapping I’ve ever done.

I went for some time without cleaning the pipes before the CAIA L2 exam (nailed it). Smashed a joant that night and i got it on her ear, hair, and the beds headpiece (or whatever that’s called). I only went for a week before the CFA L2 (I wish I had gone 2)…there may be some correlation with passing exams here…i didnt get any that night so I have no story there. I’m gonna start today :), motivation nation.

Happens to most people, assuming that “something” was a luscious round ass.

Don’t think about comely wenches… baring it all for you…

Definitely do not read

Whelp, I made it 4 days

Here… this might help:

Trying not to imagine sweep gently massaging his D with his thub and index finger @ .002 strokes per second.

Thank god I dont know you IRL, would be too real

Btw, Strokes per Second (or SPS) should be a real thing… like RPMs

Did the doctor really say “Sweep, you better not masturbate for a week?” And if so, it would be pretty funny if you had some complications and had to go back on day 2…

On this note…how many AFers have gotten the snippity snip?

I think there was a Seinfeld episode about this once…

I bet you I can last longer than you at this challenge Systematic!! no homo :slight_smile:

my first thought seeing this title

Yeah, he said no sex or masturbation for a week. There are actually a host of problems that could occur including cumming blood. That’s not cool. Then again neither is not cumming at all so I decided, wtf, let’s give it a go and see what comes (sic) out.

No blood but I did swell for a while and had pain for longer than I should have. But then I got vicodin for the pain and felt better.

tl;dr - non-bloody fapping caused pain, led to drugs and more fapping.

Day 5. I’m alive but having some weird dreams.

Out - i had a valid excuse. Starting it up again today