I'm going surfing on Friday morning...anyone else up for it?

I tell you, if there’s some surf I’m seriously considering it…I mean, what a way to unwind the afternoon before the test… I’ve just tried to write something witty relating to the CFA exam but it’s gotten to that stage when it just ISN’T funny anymore, no matter how you slice it :frowning: Let this exam be over and may I pass…just a pass… May the surf be with you all…

what’s your break?

For me going surfing on Friday is highly unlikely. Stranger things have happened.

Where you at Kakane? Would love to join you but I’m landlocked right now. Going to San diego and maybe south of the border in July for a trip though.

I’ll be trying to avoid the sharks here in SF. Good practice for 6/7

My breaks: East/West Coast Scotland mainly…most likely west coast this Thursday/Friday… The surf trip depends on how confident I feel after sitting the remaining book 7 exams and the two CFAI mocks… How about you guys? sf631, San Francisco, right? Pinkman?

Do you think it would be possible to surf on Long Island Sound? I’ve never seen anyone surfing on Greenwich beaches.

Usually Scripps and Blacks down in San Diego. I went out 1 time in San Fran at the base of the Golden Gate and froze my butt off because I only had a 3/2 suit. Nice because it was a left, but bobbed up and down thinking about big sharks a lot.

Thank God we have no surf here during this time of year. I would have reef-rash and a fail for L2.

a hateful 3 mile stretch of beach break known as ocean beach. http://www.surfline.com/surf-report/south-ocean-beach-central-california_4128/travel/ What’s the swell like in scotland these days? Cold, I imagine…

yeah, 3/2 doesn’t do the job. That break at the base of the bridge (ft point) is nice, but bad vibe when good surf. If you’re used to blacks then I suppose you wouldn’t be phased by it

sf631 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > yeah, 3/2 doesn’t do the job. That break at the > base of the bridge (ft point) is nice, but bad > vibe when good surf. If you’re used to blacks > then I suppose you wouldn’t be phased by it so i was going to say how insane you guys are for going into that cold water to surf… then i saw this and i was thinking the use of the word “blacks” here is some surfing term i didn’t know. is it? tell me it is.

My sister in law lives out in San Fran and drove down the Ocean Beach stretch a few times. That place looks CRAZYYYYY!!! The waves were huge and bombing all over the place, with these crazy crazy rips. I’m sure there are some big sharks out there. Golden Gate was fun but it was pretty small so not much competition from the locals, thank goodness. I always loved how surfline compared the difficulty of paddling out as a 10, to Ocean Beach. I don’t think I’d surf that place unless it was 2-3 foot. When I lived in Australia we surfed a lot with a guy from Scotland and his buddy from Ireland. Those guys ripped. They always talked about surfing out there and how fun it was and not usually crowded but cold as crap.

Lake Michigan doesn’t have the waves that I’m used to. Not that the Florida waves that I grew up on are that great (all power, no form), but at least they were something.

Blacks Beach is in San Diego. Really good spot but real heavy. On big days I don’t go out anymore cause I’ve had a couple of close calls. Yeah not the Black Model…

LOL. i was going to say! man, you guys are really letting it go on the forum.

That’s great that they have a surfrider org out at the Great Lakes. It can get decent every once in awhile can’t it?

This is the first I’ve heard of mixing surfing and CFA.

yeah, I should’ve been more clear. No racial bigotry here… Blacks Beach has some local surf posse that has been in the news recently, something about a murder and wanting to consider it a gang-related crime. That’s why I mentioned it. Idiots ruining an otherwise very zen hobby. But I digress…

That was a break called Bird Rock which is pretty close to Blacks. Really close to Wind-n-sea. Those donkeys called themselves the bird rock bandits. Basically just punk kids, that would take sucker punches at people. Don’t think they surfed much but rather got wasted on the beach and caused trouble. ruins where you from?