I'm having a breakdown

Holy f*ck…I’m still at work and shaking. NOTHING can go my way on these loads…WTF? F8ck this exam…I’m dead in the warter. Somebdoy talk to me.

You’re ok…

zimzim, I’ve seen you posts and you know your shit. It’s the last week so everyone is stressed, but the real work has been done over the last few months. You’ve done that. Sucks that you are at work but you’re likely in a better position of knowledge than most of the people taking the exam. T/G

hey, i’m not at work and i basically pissed the day away. you’re going to be fine.

We’ve got a week. Even if this takes you the rest of the night, you can get some sleep and then prepare to go all out after work on Mon-Thur. You have a good handle on this stuff. It is bouncing around in your head right now. You just need to unlock it on 6/7. You have put in the time up until now. AF will be here to help.

ZimZim - Gosh I feel so bad for you. First calm down - stressing is NOT going to change the situation. Infact it will make it worse. Stress can really get you down. Just try and focus, get your work done and remember you have the rest of this week. You have prepared well for this exam and put in the effort already. You will be fine.

Holy shit…dudes, I’m sorry abotu this incessant b!tching, but I have nobody right now. I have hardly seen my own friends in two months. I’m f*Ucked up on some stuff rifght now and trapped in this stuffy office. I’m seriously shakikng and need to value what you guys are saying. I have so many issues right now…I’m NOT ready. I said I would be ready this time around and vowed I would. This work sh!t will gfo totally unvalued. If they fire me, I don’t even care anymore. I’m in a mof*ckin catch-22. Bust my arse for the test, not valued to these people…nothign on this end. F(*CKING NOTHING…these baStards. F***CKDFKKC

When I’m feeling down I usually just try to find some homeless guy and beat the crap out of him. That usually makes me feel better.

Zim, I’ve been lurking your posts for months now. If anyone deserves to pass, it’s you. I’ll light a candle and send you some good wishes! Don’t worry, you’ll make it through. Go zimzim, Go zimzim, Go zimzim…

pinkman… don’t you have some mentos in your poket? that always seemed to work.

Not sure if you can do this but once you get that stuff done i would take the rest of the week off using Vacation days to make up for it. It would suck to use days off but it might be worth it to calm you down a little and give you some time for clarity.

Zim dude, its going to be okay. Some chick named “smokin hot” thinks you’re going to pass. Maybe thats Marissa Miller!! (note to smoking hot: please be marissa miller)

word…take a deep breath and let’s talk perspective. You are jacked right now…the man’s foot if firmly inserted in your arse and you clearly aren’t feeling that sweet. - Its just a test - A job is just that…a job - You will see your friends in less than a week - The spaghetti string tank tops are out of the closet and sweeping the streets of NYC! Take a walk wherever you live and soak it in. - You have been a factor on AF…we will dig you regardless of what happens in 6 days - strongly consider taking some days this week…call them sick days. Nobody said they couldn’t be sick in the head days. blah, blah…about the journey not the destination. Now suck it up and pull your shiznit together. :wink:

…or you can do like me and on Monday June 9th walk in to work and just quit!

Thank you guys…I have calmed down a bit (at least to the point of not having a heart attack, like I thought I was earlier; jonesin’ like a b!tch). I appreciate the support from you guys. Seriously, you’re pretty much all I had this weekend. I JUST finished my fin statement loads and recs (F*CKING BRUTAL at every turn) about three hours later than I expected, pretty much nixing any time I have to study today. I will try to at least get the Tuesday off in addition to my already scheduled vacation time. At least I’ve put this shite to bed…will see how shat upon I get tomorrw morn. It’s 7:10pm here and I’m officially punching the clock out. Awesome weekend. I’ve gained some perspective from you guys and will try to pull my shite together and rise above for the rest of the week. Cheers guys…and thank you!

ZimZim i know you’ll be at level 3 next year - the sweatshop never fails!

Atta boy. Now go wash out your vagajayjay and no more breakdowns. You have some studying to do.

Zim, what’s the story for the week? Do you have a couple of days’ off? I gotta tell you it took the weekend to realize how much I don’t know for this beast. I’m working tomorrow and taking the rest of the week off…it’s balls out time now, I can’t write Level II again next year. Keep your head up, you can do this.

caspian Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Zim dude, its going to be okay. Some chick named > “smokin hot” thinks you’re going to pass. Maybe > thats Marissa Miller!! > > (note to smoking hot: please be marissa miller) Merissa Miller…hmmmmmmmmmmm…she is the only Victoria Secret model with a rack. You know their real too.

Zims, from a strategic standpoint, depending how much time you have, it might be time to cut losses and start Saucing it like a mofo. Also, stay away from any practice exams until you get at least a full day or two of studying in, you don’t wanna risk any more adverse events at this point. You definitely have the info in your head there, you knew all this stuff once, just focus on bringing it back to the surface with the Sauce and some strategic readings and you’ll be there ready to get this done on game day.