I'm so picky

Will I ever get married? I’ve rejected a lot of chicks. I’m kind of down for marriage now.

Same. All I want is a pretty, athletic, nice, outdoorsy harvard/mit STEM phd student/phd graduate, or an olympian. Is that really so much to ask?

Yeah all I want is a hot driven athletic chick…


i predict divorce at 40 anyway.

you’re gonna be that old dude crawling bars at 50 homie, just embrace it.

you still banging your ‘friends’ girl anyway?

(Unless you want to start a family…)


You all don’t even wanna get married. You just want to concur your superior and make it part of your identity.

Who said anything about conquering? And is there anything wrong with wanting to surround yourself with your betters? I feel like I know that there are things I bring to the table, and things I’d want a spouse to bring to the table. Like maybe I’d make more money. I’d be cool with them being a low paid research person foe their life. I just like academics because I enjoy the intellectual stimulation. Would it be better if I just valued a girl for how she looked? Is anyone allowed to want anything in a spouse, or have any standards?

You all seem to view your potential partner mostly in terms of what that person will do for your ego = never gonna work. Using the checklist approach will literally ensure you never get married.

I feel like everything you say is contrarian in nature so I’m going to just ignore you as always.

Ok buddy. Good luck with that checklist. Make sure it’s as long as possible so you don’t end up w a dud.

^ lol, i like turd. dude knows whats up

Yeah what’s up with CW lol

silly Turd

See, this would be valid if I wasn’t able to execute on my strategy. But you don’t know whether or not that’s the case. So your point is moot.

Have fun being constantly negative. I’m guessing its because you’re not happy with yourself and because you’re not able to achieve or execute on the strategies you set for yourself.

i’m not negative, i just don’t have the capacity to sugar coat the truth. in any case, i’m just trying to help, however futile. what i realize more and more is that people don’t want help, they want validation of their own shortcomings, which is one way to go about life.




did you ever get the Low T test done?

Nah dude. Strong like bull.