improving english

so i have been thinking about going to a b school after graduation and my c.a for last some weeks and now am sure i want to do it… the area where am lagging the most is ‘english’- it isnt my first language but my english is still better than that of an average indian… so are there any good youtube channels or online apps or stuff like that,that could help me better my english… ill give my CAT/GMAT in 2015 after my c.a and join a prep provider than… so what should i be doing now to imrove it… thanks

CA CFA MBA… enough na.kitni padhai karega:)

Read English newpapers. the editorials. vocabulary will improve as you read more. The correct usage of words will come with practice.I prefer the British english. so i write colour, programme and honour instead of color, program and honor. to each his own.

limit usage of sms lingo in your daily work. Its a gradual process of learning.

CA i belive was a mistake…i always wanted to be in finance but since CA is the only decent course for people with commerce so i choose it… even i prefer british(all indians do) except some wannabe mumbains(sorry if ur from mumbai lol) i tried using newspapers and stuff but that didnt help… ill prolly torrent some GMAT stuff

prolly is not a word. :smiley: yes i am from mumbai and i still prefer British English. How long did you try reading newspapers? As i said learning a langauge is a gradual process.

Why was CA a mistake?

I know quite a few people whose first jobs after finishing the course have been in finance. This is in Bangalore that too where finance is pretty much non-existent.

I imagine it would be much easier in Mumbai.

that is sms lingo lol i meant probably… mumbai nice…u r in school or have a job? what background? i tried for about a month :stuck_out_tongue: lol maybe i will subscribe to economic times now…might as well interest me more and keep me current with financial world and all

because its just a horrible curriculum… they teach you eight different subjects in entire depth… plus they have made the results easier these days so even finding a job is harder… some c.a’s do break into finance but nowadays even getting a decent job is hard with a c.a degree… also you just stay at home and study away from the world without a college life and articleship is nothing less than a joke


No you don’t.

You can do your business management in a regular college and then start your CA. It’s true, i heard that they passed so many people they were shortage of jobs but if you pass those exams within your second attempt your still golden.

Here it seems there are 3 ways into finance:

CA, MBA and contacts.

You have what you need. I would say search harder and if it doesn’t work out then write CAT. Which city?

At 38 years, I am older than your average CFA candidate i guess. Married. with a 4 year old daughter. Have a full time job. Registered in june 2010 for the december exam and here i am in dec 2013, a level III candidate… i am a commerce graduate who has done MBA finance through distance education. i have no prior experience in finance and therefore had never had prior knowledge of many of the topics i studied.

its a balancing act between family responsibilities, job and CFA study but no complaints. life is beautiful.

lol at the 2nd attempt…i got an AIR earlier… nd yeah mba is my goal now

wow seems nice :slight_smile: well leaving mumbai now… cya mumbai after my mba :slight_smile:

You got an AIR in one of the toughest exams in India and you’re struggling to get into an industry where by your own admission people have broken into with your credentials.

Unless AIR means something completely different, something else is missing.

ok here is my complete story… never took studies serious till 10th. topped my school in 10th with 93.5% had crystal clear concepts in 11th and topped again in 12th my life begin going downhill and my concentration went of studies and just scored 90.4%(the guy who scored less than me in 10th got 95% so if i was serious i could have scored 95-96%) didnt take cpt seriously-still got an air ipcc same shit continued-after exams i felt i was gonna fail but scored amazing marks(no air) now am into my 2nd year of a.ship and now am putting things together now and i feel ill get an air in finals if i work hard… my dad is a businessman and i can earn way more in business than most jobs but since me nd him aint on the same page and since i have contributed my entire life to being a nerd i want a really top job and i also love finance(track stock markets daily)(i know am being ambitious and prolly wont get anything like that,but m 20 and full of imagination)

Shouldn’t CA be enough to get a job in India? Given it is far more difficult than CFA, or is it only limited to audit/accounting?


The course is mostly focused on that but there are enough subjects related to finance so a lot of people use the designation to work in finance.

I know people who are in bangalore which is by no means a finance hub who have done it. I don’t understand how a guy with AIR is complaining about breaking into finance.

Dude your marks are mental. Get the AIR in your finals, get on a plane to mumbai and you’ll have a job within the end of the week.

Also if you want to trade you’ll prob walk into a company called Futures First. They trade. I got that as an engineer so you’ll prob walk it.

There are IIT’ians there pulling 1.5 L + per month.

GMAT Sentence Correction exercises are a great way to polish one’s grammar (plus it will make studying for the GMAT easier).

On a more general sense, I suggest you check out Professor Arguelles’ website. It’s loaded with language learning techniques and resources. Arguelles, btw, is a guy who fluently speaks in more than 12 languages.

c.a is enough to get a job but not a type of job i want… is it more difficult than l2 or l3?

How about just watching a lot of movies or popular culture shows so as to get a better sense of the tone and inflection of spoken English?

Also, on an unrelated note, why is it that many Indian people speak so audibly? I notice this on the streets and in the subways of New York. Sometimes they talk really loud and really quickly. I wasn’t sure if this was a cultural thing or if it’s just coincidental to the ones that I see.

i have heard of it and have a relative working in futures first… iitians are a different breed altogether…i dnt think c.a can stand in front of them