Indoor Cats

What’s the deal with this? Do you buy one and decide they’re an indoor cat? Or do you open the door and they just always refuse to go outside?

What about outdoor cats ?

Are outdoor cats even pets? Seems to me that they’re basically strays who know you’ll feed them.

Yes, you just don’t let the cats out and they become indoor cats. After a while, they don’t want to go outside any more. Cats like stable environments.

I had an outdoor cat growing up. Its mother was ran over by a car when it was little so we raised it. We let it go outside to catch things and such. It would come in sometimes not to eat, but just to hang out. It was a pretty independent creature. Is this uncommon for cats? I just see people walking cats on leashes and calling them indoor cats. I don’t know if they’re making them that way or if they just aren’t as instinctive?

ha ha. I enjoyed reading that.

Growing up, we had cats that were primarily indoor cats but would still go outside a few times a day. One of them was a three legged cat that we picked up at the shelter who was really quite intelligent (he reached out and grabbed my dad’s pant leg as he was walking by, in order to get his attention. That move may have ended up saving his life). This three legged cat was able to climb trees (he was missing his left hind leg), catch birds and large rats, and even learned to open doors by the handle if there was a table nearby and the knob wasn’t too stiff. Really impressive.

I absolutely hate cats. And they generally dislike me. Just mutual disrespect. We both keep our distance and everyone stays happy.

I have three indoor cats. All rescues.

My cats never ever ever go outside. I don’t let them, mainly because they’re declawed and couldn’t run up a tree or defend themselves.

if i had more time, I’d get a dog.

If they still have claws on the front or back (back is generally more likely) they can still do well for defense and climbing trees. The bigger issue is just that generally no indoor cats (declawed or otherwise) will do well against a stray. Strays are often larger and significantly stronger just by the process of natural selection. My large and somewhat aggressive house cat got into it with a stray once and got very roughed up before I came to the rescue.

I like dogs, but I would never ever own one just because it’s such a limiting factor on your own independence if you like to travel a lot, particularly on short notice (if you’re trying to be a committed owner). However I wound up with two anyway because life works in funny ways. Kind of like how I wound up with a cat I never asked for.

My cat, Whiskers, stays inside, principally because of cars. Sometimes I’ll let him out if I’m out cleaning or something, because he doesn’t go far. He’s actually pretty agoraphobic.

I was skating on my local lake a couple of weeks ago and one of the sections that borders a house has a bubbler to keep the water from freezing there. Turns out the owner of the house did that so the ducks would have some water to land in so she could feed them. While we were skating, I looked over and one of the ducks was sitting in her lap letting her hug it. Never seen anything like that before.

We have coyotes, mountain lions, and bobcats near us.

Outdoor cats are hors d’oeuvres.

You need to get yourself a tiger to put them in their place.

yea exactly my point, need more time to be with it.

My cousin lives in the interior of British Columbia. I went to visit her and bonded with their white short-haired cat, Oliver.

Last time I talked to them on FB, I asked how Oliver was, and my cousin said “Oh, Oliver was eaten by a coyote.”

Life in the wild.

We have a dog (a pure-bred rough collie from the pound), two cats (also from the pound: they’re a hoot, and I never – _ never! _ – liked cats) , and two horses.

I cannot imagine life without them. The dog’s about 11 years old (but still runs with me 2 - 3 times a week), and we’re thinking about getting a puppy. He’ll love it – he thinks he’s a puppy – and in a couple of years when he’s slowing down, the puppy’ll ready to start running with me.

Dogs will play with anyone that gives them a moment’s attention. Cats have to be seduced.

^When you say “running”, who’s running? You, Khaleel, or AJ?