Inflation 101

So I was craving a snickers bar today and went to the local vending machine. I see that it is now $1. I recall 20 years ago being able to purchase a snickers bar for 50cents in a vending machine.

Now, I used the rule of 72 in my head (72/20 = ~3.5%). Inflation is for real! Holy Schnikes!

That ain’t nothing. Freddo chocolate bars in the UK have risen 100% from 10p (17 cents) to 20p (34 cents).

Currently I have hyperinflation of the penis. It’s doubled in size in 5 minutes. Just imagine what’ll happen in an hour.

that’s why you take the lump sum in the lottery payout

should have bought more snickers 20 years ago…another missed opporunity

OP, why do you complain about that small inflation considering inflation in Zimbabwe rose to 10% PER DAY in 2008 wink

“Back in my day, a dime bag used to cost a dime. You know how much condoms used to cost? Neither do I, I never used 'em”

I think they’ve been a dollar for a decade or something.

Another thing you failed to notice is that Snickers bar is smaller in size now compared to 20yrs ago.

That king size bullshit they sell now is queen size tops.

Hmm… $1 for a chocolate bar sounds like a bargain. We are up to $1.50 in most vending machines here. Other inflation example: Stopped at the gas station to buy a Gatorade ahead of a hockey game as I forgot my mix at home. $3. Yup, $3. WTF?

I remember when my mom got mad because they raised the price of stamps up to 22 cents.

BTW - has anyone here ever paid less than $1/gallon for gas? I remember those days, too. But since I got my driver’s license (in 1996), I can only remember paying less than $1 one time. I made a special trip across town just so I could say that I got gas for 99 cents.

^ Yes! $0.88 was the cheapest ever! It was fun seeing the gallons fly faster than the dollars.

I suspected that too. Like WTF, this is two chomps and it’s gone.

You can tell I don’t eat much candy.


I laughed. And not because I was with a dime.


And I also remember paying $1 for a pack of smokes.

Post 9/11 when the economy tanked I remember gas under $1.00. Asking for $5.00 regular would give me slightly over half a tank.

I remember video games costing a quarter.

Keep eating Snickers bars and prices won’t be the only thing inflating.

But haven’t console games always been around that $50 mark? Even in the late 80s, i remember paying $49 for the latest NES game. So console games have gotten cheaper, relatively speaking. Most games these days are 50-60.