Interview with RBC Asset Management

I got an interview with them. Anyone here work there or deal with them ? Thoughts ? Any interview pointers ? Thanks !

What position?

Working directly with the PM. I know that’s not the title, but that’s all I can divulge. Which is quite a lot if you think about it.

Im curious, what are your stats? CFA? MBA?

i saw the posting, the role is actually called, “working with PM”

Frank, you kill me. Nice work.

Are you sure it’s not the “PM Biatch” posting? The role sounds similar.

At the very least, the role will require knee pads.

i would take that role in a second…being the sparring partner of a champion is no shame even if you have to take the hits.

I think it’s “Assistant TO the PM”.

Which PM? Sulz? Posieko? Brad Wilock? Dagmara Filakowska? Let me know I might have some information on them. Willy

willyr your knowledge of obscure canadian investment personalities is simply astounding.

these people are not absurd. they’re who some of us aspire to be. you must know the champions to beat them. study their game and analyze their weaknesses, then engage. Cotto over Mosley.

Where was it said, they are “absurd”?

I’m just asking because RBC AM is a manager I use for one of my mandates here at my multi manager, meaning I can pick up the phone and simply speak to the PM at any point. The reason this might be of value to you is that I can learn what they would like the incumbent to know. This might help your search if you are escalated to the next round of interviewing. Willy

Willy, can you ask him how can I apply for jobs at RBC AM. they dont’ post their jobs there.

Willy, can you drop me a line at charlesgold[at]gmail[dot]com Thanks

They tend to hire ex-analysts or promote from within. You can call Bill Hill or Jeff Winstanely…actually they’re taking me to the Leaf game tomorrow so I can casually mention to them your interest. I’d have to see your resume first, there is NO WAY I am forwarding a BOMs resume to one of my best managers. Just not gonna happen. I’m real busy today so just hit me at Rodtaylor2900 at yahoo dot com Willy

I do actually, come to think of it, know one really great way to make it deep in the interview process with RBC Asset Managment…lol. Willy

where did you see the posting? I am interested going for that kind of job