So I think my current employer has caught wind of my exit plan. I just got pulled into a partner’s office and was leveled with all sorts of, “We value you as a key employee, you’re going to be one of our leaders of this new initiative, get ready to write your own ticket, we have some HCBs in back for you to smash, etc.”

Talk is cheap. My last review did not go well by my account. While my work is good, I was told I would not get an increase in compensation. Thanks to this new payroll tax, it feels like I got a demotion.

Part of me wants to believe what was being communicated, but on the other hand, I don’t have 10 years to wait for all this ish to materalize. The midwest firm courting me is looking better and better each day and will provide instant gratification.

CvM, I am your supervisor. :wink:

maybe they are seeing all the posts here. I know you mentioned Dallas as a possible move. Thats high up on my list of potential relocation spots.

^ I only wish. I’m pretty tight with IT at my firm and know Big Brother doesn’t watch ish. Heck, the only time they caught p0rn was when some zip got a virus from all the naughty sites.

It would be a fat chance anyone I work with would see this and be able to identify me.

But I could careless if they did. Share the wealth you greedy fxcks! Feed the horse!

i know u. i love u.

People in your office watch porn? Hmm. Maybe it’s different when you have your own office. Imagine the possibilities.

Anyway, what are you asking? Or are you just blowing off steam? If employers don’t want you to leave, they will definitely try to kiss your ass. From my observation, the “you will be promoted and get more responsibilities” thing is often over promised though.

I come on AF just to shoot the breeze. Not really asking anything, just venting. The ‘You’ll be promoted’ is often a long term plan that may or may not materialize.

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You work in NY currently right? How do the offers compare to the pay here in NYC? I’m been considering the move for quite some time

^ Agreed. The “you are my guy, but don’t tell anybody” line buys at least six extra months to sort things out before the said person realizes it is all bull and just got jobbed.

^Similiar. I was told by this new firm I’d get a nice bump if things work out.

Dude, get the offer from the midwest firm. Then give them the ultimatum to either carry through with their talk immediately (raise, promotion, etc) or you’re gone. Don’t go soft, I’ve seen firms make empty promises to keep an employee just to sack them 6 months after they turned down the offer before.

Respect. BS you a G. I’m a nomad at heart. I like bouncing around and seeing different things.

What do you do currently/hope to be doing in the MW firm?

Drop the hammer CvM. Get the offer and go from there. If you have skillz you will be rewarded by the market. The only person you can trust in life 100% is yourself.

it is almost never a good idea to stay in this situation regardless of how attractive your current employer’s counter is. unless your plan was all along for you to engage them in a bidding war so that you can get a raise and stay, you need to pull the trigger and move on, period.

^ Yes. I don’t want to work in a place where I need to provide a valid ultimatum simply to get compensated accordingly.


Different hoes in different area codes???


Yep, at the first sign of disrespect one must wage war, with no option of backing down. devil

I’m in this mode right now; winning so far. Instead of a minimum 3% increase for inflation they gave me a 0%. Actually I was fine with my base and didn’t care about a raise, but now I’m asking for 30% , just on principle.

We know someone got the increase, and it wasn’t us.