Investment banker quits job at lazard to do p0rn

Yes please

Good for her for pursuing something she loves.

She realized she probably was never hired for her skills anyway and went her own way.

That thread needed a better attention grabbing subject line.


good for future ladies to know. Lazard hires for looks!

your title is really misleading. she was an intern

Lazard Asset Mgmt…huh…I know some people there…I wonder if…

Must be awkward to know all your coworkers are maturbating to you.

Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, if you are a hot girl, most of your male coworkers have probably already masturbated to you.

I have a feeling she really likes that idea.

wasn’t even a full-time intern. Hacksaw. This is probably a better career option.

Ugh, not a face that would launch a thousand ships.

At best, a body that will launch a thousand … never mind.

Another article. This doesn’t have the racy pictures, so it’s SFW.

Pretty long ramus, looks dominant.

I guess all female investment bankers can be p0rnstars, they have high testosterone.

Her video is out - you can look it up, but if you don’t realize this is NSFW, may Lord Shiva have mercy on your soul.

I do what I want

^i also do what I want. And I want to keep my job.

That said, I think I’ll take the old iPhone 6 into the bedroom with me tonight…

My review:

if you absolutely can’t wait, then take your personal smartphone into the bathroom to look it up.

I thought it was underwhelming. Maybe she should have stayed at Lazard.