"Invisible" Bike Helmet


I can’t decide if this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen or the most brilliant. Basically an airbag you wear around your neck that inflates into a giant helmet when you fall.

most brilliant!

who wants a helmet that messes up your hair?

I’d wear one

As a recreational and former competitive cyclist, there is no way I’d trust this to work. Nor do I attach airbags to my neck, that sounds dangeorus in of itself.

Also, I think it looks just as bad, if not worse, than a helmet.

I’m fairly certain that eventually someone will put it on backwards and end up killing themselves…end of invisible bike helmet.

Not a million dollar product…million dollar idea maybe.


or they get smothered and die from asphyxiation

Yeah, I was figuring that either the rapid inflation would stap their neck, or they would end up smothering themselves.

i think it looks cool and it looks just like someone wearing a scarf, how can it look WORSE than a helmet??

though i am not sure how safe it is, but like any new technology, it gets better with revisions.

It’s not meant for competitive cyclists for now, but it’s better than no helmet perhaps?

I think a regular helmet is better than no helmet.

Yes, of course.

But i don’t understand why people have to think so “black and white”, it’s not like this invisible helmet is replacing EVERY HELMET ON EARTH, and this is going to be required by law, and banning all traditional helmets.

This is just an alternative, perhaps for people who don’t usually wear helmets, it’s still better than nothing.

It’s like i know carrying an umbrella when it’s pouring outside will still get me wet, but it’s better than no umbrella.

When did wearing a helmet become such a burden? Don’t get me wrong it’s a great idea but paying 15 times the amount of a good quality helmet just so your hair doesn’t get messed up or you look cool is ridiculous.


Riding a bike causes impotence. It’s a viagra pill that should pop out.


Most people in Japan, and i am assuming most european countries, do not wear a helmet when riding bicyles, that’s a fact.

Now, if you carry a helmet, not only it is dorky and messes up your hair, but you also have to carry it with you all day! Considering most people bike to work and school (not just leisurely as people in LA may use it for along the beach), i think this invisible helmet is easier to put into your bag or backpack.

Interesting concept, but I don’t mind wearing a helmet and getting my hair messed up. It just proves to the chiiiiiicks how rugged I am. cool

I think people who comment on this aren’t riding bicycles on a regular basis.

Surely, if you bike for fun, for exercise, for competition, you need not to worry about your hair.

But MANY MORE people in the world bike to work and school EVERYDAY!

Imagine you have a meeting and you have to see your clients in the morning when you get to work, are you going to wear a helmet in hot humid weather?

Probably not.

Well that’s why you don’t see people wearing helmets in Japan or China, or Amsterdam, or France…

Screw this. I think the man bag is going to become the next great fashion trend. You will need to carry around these iPads and iPad minis and phablets in some things. Your pants are probably not big enough.

Actually, pretty much everything I do is fun. Now, I don’t bike to work *every* day, but if I did I’m sure that would be fun too.

In my workplace, for most practical purposes I *am* the client. And since I think certain helmets are so bad-ass, I’m actually thinking about mandating a helmet-wearing policy for any advisors that come to meet with us.

No helmets? No trade commissions. No problems. cool