Iran Deal

And there is another deal…

Hopefully, this brings some stability to the middle-east.

Forget about greece and china - bubbles form and burst every now and then, but a deal like this (Iran) is really something IMHO.

I hope they don’t disappoint us when details of this deal are released - if not, then I think it’s a big step towards global peace.

And more political whining from Republicans for the next 9 months.

Blah blah Obama Benghazi blah blah.

As an Iranian I am very happy about the results of this agreement.I do hope our nation will reach better agreements with the west in the future.

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the the US chose cheaper oil prices and increased safety in the middle east vs higher prices to help domestic oil.


This deal is exciting and I hope it brings some stability and peace to the region. But the conclusion that deal with Iran = peace & stability is not necessarily a foregone conclusion. In some ways it will increase already high tensions between the traditional sunni power brokers and the ascending Shia countries. Again, I think it’s a great deal but I’m cautious to see what the near term brings.

congress no likey

I struggle to comprehend how even the idea of researching nuclear weapons is attractive to any Middle Eastern country. Political instability and sanctions like these probably cut 30% from the country’s GDP. If countries like Iran just behaved and worked on their oil, they could be like Qatar or Saudi Arabia. Their leaders will (literally) live like royalty. It’s not like they even have to be anti West for any kind of election campaign - it’s a perk of having an autocratic government.

Impossible to argue against the merits of nuclear technology when it comes to political diplomacy. Iran asking for what it has asked without the threat of developing nuclear tech. and they would have been laughed out of the discussion table. Now they’ve outplayed every other nation in the Middle-East and made sure that the United States global financial system is engaging with them. It is the reason why many nations like Israel, India, Pakistan went nuclear and the reason why Saudi Arabia is trying it’s level best to purchase the tech. from Pakistan as they don’t seem to have the internal capability to develop them.

Iran is a fascinating country. A country that has not fallen apart economically (arguably it’s done relatively well) despite heavy sanctions and being cut off from the SWIFT system, a liberal people ruled by religious zealots and a film industry that is producing some of the most avant-garde material right now. Skyscanner has some very attractive rates to Tehran and they look to have some great slopes still untouched by mass tourism.

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Not everything is dictated by mercantile interests.

@Black Swan

Both shia and sunni are muslims.Unfortunately or fortunately they are not really the same or consider themselves to be brothers as you know better.My very unbiased assumption is that shia muslims can be trusted much more than sunni.This is not because I am a shia,looking at the statistics of most terrorist groups who go around beheading people relative to the total population I strongly believe that sunni muslims are by far the type giving Islam a bad name.Either way the majority of people here are in favour of the talks and deals done with the west as long as the sanctions are lifted and trade can be done just like anywhere else.

Viva la Kurdistan!

^You are free to state your opinion

Is it just me or has US foreign policy started to shift towards Shiites away from Sunnis? It’s in the rest of the world’s interests to keep Shiites and Sunnis approximately equal in strength so that they wipe each other out more than they wipe out infidels. Maybe the rise of ISIS has convinced US that in case the unthinkable happens and the House of Saud and other emirates fall, Shias in Iraq and Iran would be left to fight ISIS.

Terrible terrible deal, when you keep resetting your BATNA, you know your negotiations went south

I would disagree. This is really Obama’s foreign policy, he seems to take a typically dim view of the US’s traditional allies - Saudi Arabia, Israel, most western states etc, in order to build relationships with countries that have been hostile towards the US - Cuba, Iran, Russia (before the Ukraine thing) etc.

The US doesn’t do this type of “grand strategy” based on ideology you’re thinking about…it’s more about relying on US client states irrespective of where they stand on ideological issues.

If this shift is true though, then I hope it continues. I am happy to see the Arabs and the Israelis get their panties in a knot.

If Iran uses these funds to support terror, Obama will sure look like an awful president


by support terror, do you mean support Assad who is actively fighting ISIS? or do you mean support Hamas/Hezbollah’s whose biggest beef is with an illegitimate nation created out of thin air and against the will of the people who live there?