Is Andy Reid good?

I don’t know.

The Raiders have won twice as many games as the Chiefs this year. What does that tell you?

As an Eagles fan, no he is not. He is a coach that can usually put together and average/solid team. He will never win a Super Bowl as he is a stubborn idiot.

He is one of the best game planners in the league, but he is unable to make in game adjustments well. He is also one of those “system” guys who disliked flashy players. Some positions talent typically comes with an Ego (namely WR) and he hated the high skill high ego guys. And there are only a FEW top teir WR that dont have a massive ego that needs fed, especially back in the 2000’s. The ONE year they finally gave in and picked up Terrell Owens they went to the fucking superbowl. Near the end of his career he at least smartened up and took Desean, however i would have driven to his house and set it on fire if he didnt pick him that late in the second (his value as a punt returner warrented that pick alone)

^ The only playoff game Terrell Owens played that year (the Super Bowl), they lost. Terrell was injured prior to the SB.

Yea but the team was on fire all year with him. Also the reason they lost is cause the pats knew what was coming, the Eagles still almost came back of McNabb had one bone of clutch in him at all (he instead threw up and could couldn’t call plays in the huddle)

Skins kids we da best

I find Sean Payton the most overrated coach in football.

Hahaha i saw that 30 for 30 earlier and it is classic. The team wasnt exactly spectacular before he blew it up though. Better, yes. Contender no

Imagine thinking this.

Also to answer the topic, no. Lol 7 field goals.

God damn it.

Andy Reid is a better talent spotter than coach

if we’re talking bodies, Andy Reid has the perfect one

I love when he wears the big red top and bottom and looks like a giant cherry

You talking about Andy Reid or Chip Kelly?

Honestly either or with the whole hating talent & system BS. But at least big red as proven he can have success at this level.

If Bradford were to grow a nutsack the eagles would have easily won sunday, he seems like he is playing scared all the time. Occassionally he makes some beautiful throws but its not near frequent enough to imagine him being the #1 pick at one point. Its only 4 games so its getting a little late to call it rust, but it would be nice to see him get into form.

Sadly at 1-3 the eagles are nowhere near out of the division. NFC East < SEC

worst clock manager in history.

It’s really amazing how bad he is at it. We got a delay of game penalty after we called a timeout…two games in a row. Oh, and neither timeout was necessary in the first place.

He does appear to be a very good game planner (though he hasn’t been so far this season), but his ability to adapt in-game is nonexistent.

I caught part of Chip’s presser today at lunch. In a nutshell - the players have talent, the game plan is fine, execution needs to be improved. Translation: I make great moves as GM. I called great plays as head coach. Players aren’t doing their jobs. That’s a great way to lose the locker room and have players stop playing for him so he can get fired and take Charlie Strong’s job at UT Austin.