Is anyone else having a breakdown??

I’m a total mess. I’m messing up on formulas, feel like I can’t remember anything, stressed about having too much to do me not enough time… Anyone else feel this way?

I heard that, man - I started plenty early (as per others’ suggestions) and I still feel like I haven’t got enough time.

I try to keep telling myself the end is in sight and I’m making progress, but it’s so hard to believe that.

Stuffing information in one side and more concepts/formulas spill out the other.

me too. finished 2nd pass. remember in bits and pieces and frustrated that despite the long hours, the sacrifice of family time and sleep ( all done willingly though) still doesnt seem enough.

it seems like i am cramming too much in to my small brain and the more i cram the more my brain acts like a sieve!!

You bet! I keep wondering what the heck I’ve been doing the last few months when I THOUGHT I was “studying.” Hoping/praying/wishing that everything comes together in the next two weeks as I can’t bear the thought of having to repeat…

What’s everyone focused on these days? I feel like it’s EVERYTHING (mocks, eocs, formulas, notes, EVERYTHING), but I just don’t have time to “focus on everything”…man I wish I had the next two weeks off OR that I was a robot and could live on like 2-3 hrs of sleep or even no sleep!

I’m with you. Trying to do this December/June Level I/II turnaround while woking full time is really wearing on me.

Just think about it this way

Just think about it this way, even if you only know half the questions on the exam just guessiing on the second half would put you at 67% which is likely a pass (or 80/120). In order to get to 70% you only need to be able to get 4 more questions right and you have 16 days of studing to do that which seems pretty reasonable. So you should be able to pass pretty easily even if you only know half the material to this point.

Before people tear up my logic I realize that most questions test much more than one topic and that knowing only half the material probably is not sufficent to get half the questions right but that logic is just a simple way to motivate when tired and stressed.

i hav when i sudy subjects like AI,ECo

We are all in the same boat homie. Buckle down, persevere and realize if it wasn’t easy it wouldn’t be worthwhile. I took L1 in dec and what motivates me is earning my “summer break”, aka no studying after june (well maybe not for a month or so). Earn that break, put in the hours and feel a sense of pride in looking back at the feat you accomplished.

This is what it really comes down to. Don’t stress out…just do the BEST you can. YOU have to know that on the evening of June 1 you put in everything you could, pass or fail. Remember to keep a balance, I still work out and get plenty of sleep. Its only an exam and you’re definitely not alone in this massive struggle.

I really don’t miss being a candidate.

My level of anxiety is off the charts!!!

I’m getting 5 hours of sleep!

Work is getting annoying

I feel sick! like I have a perpetual cold with no value added!

thanks L2…thanks!

all I can do is laugh!

I’ve been looping the new daft punk album at work. Not sure if thats a sign of insanity or relaxation haha

I’d focus on Study Sessions 6, 11, 12 and Ethics–do massive numbers of problems two or three times each. You’ll be fine. We all have two weeks. Iteration overcomes all (at least I hope it does, or I’m screwed). At this point, it’s probably time to abandon ship on some of the concepts that aren’t clicking and focus on the strength areas.

Wise and sage advice from Morgan Freeman.

Though risky, this may be wise. CF, FRA, Equity and Ethics will be a major portion of the exam.

i streamed the album a few days ago. Pretty different from their past albums, but I’m diggin it.

On the topic at hand, I’m in the same boat as most of you. I even feel a little guilty sleeping 6 hours instead of 5, or spending even an hour watching some tv when I should be studying

Quick story:

I studied intensely for ~3.5 months last year for level 2. I finished the material in early May, took a practice, and had forgotten most of what I learned in months 1-2.

By the time I finished reviewing, the test was 3 days away. At this point I panicked. Tried to cram everything in my brain, and the night before the exam, I didn’t sleep a wink.

Ended up scoring 9th score band and I was furious. Another two weeks and I would have made it.

_ Advice: _ Start doing practice problems now, and STOP worrying about details and small stuff that you miss. Every problem set you do at this point will be fresh in your brain, and on the test day, you WILL remember enough to piece things together. Dont spend all your time reviewing anymore. Move on/do practice sets/review your wrong answers/and keep going.

You’ll be alright.

I am the definition of schizo currently I believe. One minute Ill be like, “ok ive got this, i am ahead of where I was for level I and I passed that so I should be ok here. Only need to beat out 60% of the people, I can do that np.”

And then the next minute im all “No way, this is impossible. I literally forget everything Ive learned up to this point. These questions are way too in depth for me to figure out. Level II is a whole different ball game, i needed to study way more than I did for level I. Ill never beat out 60% of the people, literally 100% of the people on AF have studied 300+ hours.”

So yea, im a mess.


My mind is blowing up…

The CFA program is a sick and twisted roller coaster. Soon, the ride will be shut down for the summer - but until then, hang on tight!