Is anyone else having Dreams/Nightmares?

I had a couple of nightmares before the exam.

Two days ago I had a dream in which I received an email from the CFA Institute saying that I was a band 11 fail*.

I found some old AF Posts:

I also find my self wasting a lot of time watching movies and browsing the internet.

Is anyone else having similar problems?

* Yes, I’m fully aware that there are only 10 bands, but in my dream the email said I was a Band 11 Fail.

Had the weirdest of dreams… Three days before the exam (Wed night), i dreamt that i’ve had fallen in love with a girl i happen to know and surviving a major disaster. On Thursday night, i dreamt that i was a soldier fighting a bloody and defining street battle, saw many buddies die etc… no bad dreams for the next 2 nights…

on sat night after the test, dreamt that i was outside a big house talking to a childhood friend whom i had not seen in years and his deceased father… oh man i didnt knew i could have so many weird and vivid dreams in such a short space of a few days time.

Thats how studying for the exam has taken an emotional toil over my life.

@unknownub: ^ Band 11 is beyond Band 10, which means a Pass ~~

and i thought i was the only one having such dreams/nightmares - the stress must have gotten to us


I’ve been having repeated dreams about being in gunfights and getting slaughtered. I’m not sure what that means, but it’s starting to get weird.

I completed all the CFA exams and I still have dreams 5 years later than I am writing the exam and am not ready.

I’m on the train heading to the airport and just fell asleep after reading through this thread. It had something to do with the CFA and zombies. I think they ate my brains and then died from the foulness of CFA memories. No BS. Watched warm bodies last night so zombies must still be on my mind.

I’ve been having dreams that proctors are stabbing me and strangling me with the vests. What does that mean?

This thread delivers

I dreamt that I was taking the CFA exam but there was a separate part dedicated to Ethics that consisted of 35 questions with a separate answer sheet to fill.

The questions were super difficult and I was guessing the answer on almost all of them. There was one question that particularly puzzled me: it was a question about Mendelian inheritance. I was thinking “Why the hell are they asking a question about that? It wasn’t in the curriculum.”

After circling all the answers directly after the questions, I decided to start filling out the bubbles on the answer sheet (this is what I do during the exams in real life). The problem is that the bubbles were huge, probably around 2 cm in diameter. I remember telling myself “Why did they make them so huge? It’s going to take ages to fill them all out”. Nevertheless I started filling the bubbles only to realize that my pencil was writing in red. The lead was black but when filling out the bubble it was gradually turning red. At that point I was thinking it was CFA institute’s fault for making the bubbles so big.

Completely disheartened by these circumstances (pencil was writing in red, didn’t know any answers) I decided that I had nothing to lose and that I would start cheating on the guy in front me. Weird part is that this guy was someone I knew from elementary school and I hadn’t seen him in 15 years.

Eventually one proctor caught me cheating, took my answers sheet and said he would report me. This is when I woke up.

When I was studying for CFA exams, I had a re-occuring dream that I was back in my final year of high school and I’m freaking out because i’ve got a big maths exam that day but I haven’t been to a single class all year… Would always wake up in a panic… These dreams would become increasingly frequent leading up to the exam but would completely disappear as soon as it was over. Totally sucked… I sleep like a princess now :slight_smile:

In college, I had a dream once that there was a pop quiz on something and that the professor announced that he’d decided to change the weighting scheme and 95% of the weight would be on the pop quiz, which naturally I hadn’t done the reading for.

What was interesting is that for the rest of the term, I was sure I was about to fail the class, without even knowing quite why…

I dreamt that I was using a DCF analysis to decide if I should go drinking tonight, or something completely unrelated like that. Can’t remember the details, but equity was really driving me nuts at that point in my schedule.

Edit: Damn, just remembered I had another one a night or two ago. This time I was writing L3, but the written section was brutally long and I couldn’t get any answers and started to freak out that I was going to fail, until I finally remembered there was a MC afternoon section and I still had a chance. Then I woke up.