Is being a job hopper a bad thing?

This is my 3rd company in last 6 years. I had valid reasons (not compensation) to change the last two companies but now I’m about to get an offer from another company and little hesitated to join it for the reason that I would look a job hopper on my resume.

The move would be purely based on compensation this time. Should I accept the offer?



Yes. I’ve had 3 jobs in 1 year.

I would. ~2yrs is not really job hopping, but I do see your fear. Is it more than 12% increase? I was told that’s the line to jump ship.

Congrats. What are ou going to do there?

This isn’t a problem until it becomes habitual over many years. I’ve job-hopped on average more frequently than that. As long as you’ve been moving up and you have positive references, nobody cares. If, however, you have 15+ years of work experience and you have never been at a place longer for two years, that may be a concern for some. Early in a career though, it really doesn’t matter.

Got you beat. I’m on my fifth in three years.

I manage a group of women who work a different job every night, sometimes multiple. I offer great benefits if you’re interested.

Yes, its like switching boyfriends every year. Whats your next boyfriend gonna think about it? Do u want to have to explain to your boyfriend why you’ve had four boyfriends in the last six years? A lot of guys won’t care but if you meet a stick up his ass indian, he might care.


Please tell me there was something inappropriate going on. I’ve got a few hours to kill before I go to the Big 12 Tournament and could use some entertainment.

You guys made me feel good smiley

Not much difference in bonus , 15% increase in base salary and the equity component of 5%

Do it. Only thing to consider would be if your burning bridges at the job your leaving, but if not then it’s more than straight.

I dont work in night cheeky

3 in 6 years isn’t strange at all.

3 jobs in 1 year is not recommended.

That is another concern. They just recently promoted me.

Can not hopping jobs enough be a bad thing?

No. Both time the reason was location. First change was to chase my man and second when we bought the house together.

Cool! Fly a KU flag for me!!!

Geez, for your sake I hope you’re still together. For me and supyogov…I hope you’re not :smiley:

How does the equity component work? They are offering me 5% but I’m not sure how much would I be getting in terms of $$.