Is it late to go for the CFA?

Dear all,

Hope all is well. Wanted to take the advice or views from the people here. Im 40 years old and I currently been the fund management business for over 15 years, and been always thinking yo go for CFA kept delaying. Now im married and have 3 years old boy.

My question is do you advice to go for CFA and I do know how much time it requires.

Appreciate the honest view.

Wishing you all the best especially those going for June exam.



You are not too old. If you think that the benefits vs. the cost will help you in your current job, then do it.

At least for retired members membership fees are lower. This is also my goal.

CFA cost is not an issue, time is the issue.

Without knowing anything else about your academic/professional background, I’d say the hour commitment per exam of ~300 is fairly accurate. My prep time for L1 was 322 hours, my prep time for L2 is nearing 350.

With that said, all I can say is that my time thus far has been very rewarding. Preparing for the exam has challenged me and helped me to improve my foundational knowledge in the industry. With that said, I don’t have the family commitments that I’m sure you have.

Thank you for your reply, the family commitments is my issue and I will need to take a decision very soon if I plan to take the Dec exam.

Its never too late. With family and external obligations you just need to space out your studying - i.e. I would not recommend doing Dec/June as it will put a great deal of stress on you … just start early and be very efficient. You will likely have a harder time memorizing, like a monkey (brain isn’t as fresh at 40 as it is at 25), but that is actually good because you will strive to understand.

In any case, take L1 and see whether you are up for it … you won’t know if you never try!

Good luck!

+1 … if you’re not planning on taking L2 the June following the L1 in December, you might just be better off waiting for the next L1 in June 2018.

That was my point exactly. Time cost.

Go for it. It’s a worthwhile investment especially your boy is 3 years old! If you pass, it will definitely pay off.

Is this just a pride thing or is it going to help you move into another role you want? Honestly it’s a complete waste of time if you are already in a comfortable position. I only did it for better job prospects.

I am 43 years old, I have a 2 year old kid (I’m the mother) I haven’t had a full night’s sleep for exactly 2 years.

I’m a level 2 candidate and I think I studied around 800 hours for LII (and I’m not very confident about next Saturday). I used nights, and those 15 minutes here and there so not that focused study time. Plus I had to spread my studies for a long long time so I forget quite a lot as I get along.

If unfortunately needs a good amount of commitment from your whole family (however if you are a man, I think that’s way easier).

I have immense respect for you!

I bet you’ll pass.

Thanks guys, we’ll see, I’m too bad in ethics unfortunately.

That’s nothing you can’t brush up on over the next week! You saw the material in L1 and passed so it shouldn’t be totally alien to you.

It was my weakest in LI too, only then I was very good in almost everything else.

Now I’m kinda 50-50 on FRA, Derivs, PM if I’m unlucky, so I won’t have the >70% in the rest to help out a bad Ethics performance.

I don’t know this vignette style requires such a level of concentration that I just don’t possess.

Regarding the concentration: you’ve made it this far, prepping for quite arguably the hardest of 3 exams and you’re still at it… you don’t need to keep doubting yourself.

That’s very stereotypical.

lol yeah what was that Moosey