Is it OK to start my preparation for L3 from November 2014?

I just cleared my CFAL2 exam yesterday.I have found a job through my campus placements so i am no more a full time student.I am planning to start my preparation for CFAL3 from November 2014.I hope November is not too late for starting the preparation for L3.

Please give your feedbacks…

Hi Rahul what role / job profile are you going to work at?

Depends on your schedule, if you´re able to study after office hours, reading speed etc.

I started reading Schweser in November, too, own summaries I made way later, I think in March. We´ll see in two weeks if that was enough…

I think November is probably fine. I’m not starting until at least mid-October … gotta take the GMAT/apply to B school first.


Hi, iam planning the same, what kind of job you are in presently and what are your target schools??

I just want to know whether its any good to pass level 3 before applying or level 3 candiddate is enough to draw the attention of Adcom

I work in the life insurance industry, but want to make the jump to IB (thus the decision to attend B school). I’m planning on applying to top-10 US schools only. LIII candidate (upon registration) should be a strong enhancement to any application, as long as you couple it with a solid GMAT score. I’m targeting 700 minimum (probably safest to get in the mid-700s, though). Best of luck!

yes, November is a good time to start, a lot of people on here will tell you that it’s too early but remember that most of the people that obtain their charter stop posting here and the ones that do are WC people concerned with maintaining their online persona.

don’t get sucked into the old legend that level 3 is a lot easier than 2, or that there’s a lot less material. there is less but not by a substantial amount and it’s quite likely CFAI will add a few readings this time round, last year they removed 7 or 8.

November is not too late. I usually started in late November. However, if you decided to start on January 1st, that would be enough time as well.


Would you guys recommend 300 hours for the average Finance major student?

I’ll also be applying to b-school this fall (two in Round 1 and four in Round 2) and have done significant research. Unfortunately, AdComs don’t fully comprehend the rigor of the CFA program, so it doesn’t really factor into their decision. It’s just something that will push you through at the margin.

300 is minimum

I put in about 450 and felt adequately prepared. The study process is much more grueling than L2 though due to the “essay” portion. Writing out answer after answer after answer… Just cringed… Really hope I’m done.

I started in Feb for Level 2 and just cleared it yesterday. I am a slow reader and logged over 500hrs at least.

Will I be okay to do the same for Level 3?

There really is no such thing as starting too early. Whic would you rather be overprepared or underprepared.

This goes double for people in more demanding roles where circumsatnces can change and you suddenly find that you have no study time, though this applies to anyone, I started in November and my personal life collapsed underneath me leaving me very little study time for the six months before the exam.

I wish I had started a little earlier, but know if I had not stared when I did I’d have no chance.

No, I recommend 425 hours for the Finance major student. Probably more if average.

Yeah, you should be ok with that.

I don’t think there is anything of name overpreparation, either you are not prepared or you are well prepared… IMO starting as early as possible is good, you can do a lot of practice and assimilate the material quite well before exam…level 3 has slightly less material than level 2 but its too difficult, focus on fixed income and behavioral finance and ace them well along with IPS construction…congrats on passing level 2 and welcome to hell

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