Is it possible to pass exam after only 30 days of studying?

Working and studying simultaneously is tiring especially after a 15 hour shift. Planning on going on a month and 6 days break from work in May to coop my self at home and focus on reading and solving questions. This strategy seems very appealing atm but not sure if it could help me pass

anything is possible … are you smart?

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No and not bc it’s hard material, but bc there is simply too much that can be tested. And believe me they’ll test some weird shit

I wonder that too.


bc = because

Never say never… what if the guy is like Will from Good Will Hunting? What if he is a prodigy? Super human

0.0000000000000000000000000000001% probability?

Quick track of OP’s history, was scoring 35% on mocks right before the 2019 LII exam and evidently must have cleared it. Safe to say OP is a prodigy, I reckon this strategy has a high chance of success, IMO definitely go for it!


Can’t believe this can be a post or query. No o disrespect, but somebody having passed the level 2 of th CFA poses a question like this itself is ludicrous. To add to it, you have the usual hero answering him who himself claims to have put in 2000 hours in CFA.

I would request the moderator ( I may report as well) to flag this thread under a ‘non serious’ bucket. It can be devastatingly misleading for the wanna be guys.

In short- dump this post in its entirety

Go for it and let us know how it went!

I was expecting someone to direct Rick to LevelUp by saying Go see Marc. He knows the material inside out :innocent: