Is it too early to start?

I have been inspired and motivated by all who posted here about passing the L3 exam. My question is this: Is it too early to start for next year?

I think it depends on what you know about yourself and your situation. If you feel you can maintain the energy through June, then by all means, starting early on this exam is crucial (or, more specifically, having a LOT longer to do practice test after practice test and old exams is crucial). If you are the kind of person who will burn out, then give yourself a break.

I took a middle road and studied 2 nights a week at the end of the summer going into the Autumn and then ramped up in November to full strength.

No, I don’t think it is. You don’t have to go full speed ahead in your studies, just start slow and ramp up.

I started reading the CFAI text after Labor Day and was done with all the readings and note taking by year end. Then the remaining 5 months I did questions, questions and more questions.

Life can throw you curveballs, the earlier you start the better odds you have of passing IMO.

Never too early to start. I started working on Level III right after Level II exam in June.

I think you should just relax, enjoy the summer and the outdoors. Even if you start in December, that’s plenty of time to be prepared for level 3.

I take a lot of time to grasp things, and planning to start in Mid September. This is what I did for Level-2 and felt, this actually saved me.

Looking to form a a study group and am based in Toronto. If interested message me.

worked for me. started in early August last year.

you do forget things after awhile, so you’ll end up doing two passes through he material.

Just gonna start slow and get serious towards the end of the year …

Yes, too early. I started in November last year, and that was still pretty early.

i would go through old exams to get familair with the terminolgy and format - that seems to be the biggest hurdle at Level III

then start reading the CFAI texts - if you have the time, why not jump start the process

just go slow so you dont burn out in April

Another question…

How to start ?

I’m gonna use exclusively Schweser and EOC CFAI, CFAI and Schweser Mocks.

Is it good idea to start from video lectrues as a kind of slow down start ?

I have had discovered that it was good idea for L1 and L2.

The video lectures are OK for an introductory overview but are time consuming. If your study time is limited, you would be better off focusing on blue boes, EOC’s and past AM exams.

Schweser and FinQuiz lulled me into a sense of overconfidence, and I really paid a harsh price. This next time around, I’ll use their stuff purely as a supplement. At least I have solid basis, but that’s all it really is - a basis. I need much greater depth and understanding of the CFA curriculum itself.

Its not too early to start. It is way to early to “may” study though. I’m slowly doing some readings and when I don’t feel like reading I don’t.