Is it wrong to correct someone above you?

Not only is he above me, but he is in another department. And keeps misusing Bid/Offer in every way imaginable.

Is it more important to be nice or be right? I’d rather be right.

The question is—would you rather be employed?

over something that stupid? no i wouldnt bother. if it was actually important to conducting business - then yes.

^agree with yay. correct them if important.

if youre asking then culture has not been established so that justifies any action you choose. just mkae sure its not de minimis. l

they will tell you how they want you to behave after.

either you will get checked and they will tell you quite frankly to stfu and follow lead.

or they will encorage that behavior and grant you more intitiative.

they key is to make the bolder choice all teh time, and adapt it downwards depending on the current culture,

I’ve corrected grammar (loose/lose is my biggest pet peeve) of people higher up than me. Not if it’s an internal email or something, but if it was sent to a client I do. The trick is to do it without pissing the person off.

Well you guys are better than I am I guess. I just find it absolutely absurd that some guy keeps misusing these. I keep being told I have to find a bid on a bond I’m trying to buy - sorry bro, but I’m trying to find someone offering the bond >.<

And since I’m not a cuck, I told him the difference, becuase I arrived at the conclusion, you cannot be fired for being right. If you’re wrong and an asshole then maybe you should worry.

There’s four possibilities 1. Nice & Right - you will finish last to the rest of us winners 2. Nice & wrong - Congrats, you’re the guy they keep around simply because they like you, but never give you any heavy projects. 3. Asshole & right - this guy gets a job done and is there to well… get a job done. 4. Asshole & wrong - goodnight sweet prince…

My elderly company CEO kept insisting that M*A*S*H and other old TV programs are the best of all time. “Fool!” I would yell to him, while throwing my chair upside down. It’s clear that media innovation has given rise to superior modern programming. Since I work for a very large company, this was in an auditorium with 1000 people. So, I hope I got the message across.

No, but you can be fired for…pretty much any other reason.

Yeah, and I know this. I’m not disagreeing with it either. I just think that all subjective M*A*S*H ratings aside, an optimal work environment is one where we don’t have to constantly walk on egg shells regarding peoples feelings.

I once had a CFO of a sizable financial company (~1000 employees), while presenting to me, state that EBITDA stood for Earnings Before Income Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization. The first time I did not think much of it. Maybe a slip. Then I heard him say it again on multiple occasions separated by months.

I did not correct him. I silently judged him and the quality of his organization.

That is pretty egregious. The “go find a bid, we need to buy that bond” is pretty benign. I get that you care, because it is your job, but it is likely that nobody else does. And, it does not affect anything whatsoever unless it is causing confusion and you sell when you should buy. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It if causes a trade error be sure to document your reasoning as semantics.

Yeah I was wrong. You guys are 100% right. I shouldn’t have put him on blast like that.

But I am now even more cynical about how people get to the top.

you made the right move. you gotta decide if you’re the wolf or the sheep. by virtue of the industry you’re in you better hope you’re the wolf. better get good at asserting your dominance and pissing on the competition after you’ve won. That’s how you accumulate punk b!tches to climb over on your ascent to the top of the food chain. don’t come half steppin w your weapon on safety.

Better to attack from the flank than head on. Even better to win without your opponent ever knowing anything happened.

when running on a track or treadmill. i usually run at a faster pace than the guy next to me. in my head im winning this race bish

Exactly. Everything in life is a competition. I need a new job period. I need to find one of those sales types jobs.

its only a competition if you chose to make it one. be the guy that works to support their life, not the guy who lives to work. those guys are always losers

spoken like someone who’s been pissed on and climbed over by greater men. not surprising.

found the guy who lives to work - i thought you were “woke”? yet youre chasing pieces of papers like a lab rat looking for cheese in the hopes itll make you feel warm and fuzzy inside

Maybe I’m misinterpreting this, but is sounds like you’re saying there’s more utility in supporting/rewarding incompetence then?

not really sure how you got that, but thats not what im saying - its just a statement about how your work doesnt define you. that doesnt mean you shouldnt try to be the best you can be. why waste time comparing yourself to others, when all that really matters is your opinion of yourself & your own happiness.