Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to check out pics of babes you don’t know personally from work on Facebook?

it would be wrong not to!

It’s subjective.

For a normal person yes.

But if you never developed past middle school, have no game and go to clubs just to watch girls dance when the Kardashians aren’t on and you’re not endlessly droning on and drooling over other girls you don’t know, then yeah, it’s probably fine. Sounds like your labor day weekend was a real barn burner.

black swan, is that a guy or girl in your pic?

It’s wrong if they can view the list of people who looked at their pictures. If not, go ahead.

I can see how you would be confused as most women you date probably have more facial hair than that.

^Obviously a joke. You don’t go on dates.

^ soo mean

well, whoever is in that pic looks feminine but not quite…like a tomboy…

i’ll get my dates you’ll see…

I’d say if you constantly do it, you have a creepiness problem.

If you occasionally dabble, I’d say you’re in good company. The key is in whether you’ll snoop after anything with xx chromosomes and a short skirt, or whether you are more selective than that… also it’s about whether one is somewhat discreet in one’s admiration, versus shouting around “hey, come look at this stuff, guys!”

no man, this is checking out some hot girl at work…

Wait, weren’t you talking to some girl in a different department? Whatever happened with that?

that was a long time ago…went on a few dates (2)…i had to pay for everything…she didn’t want to come back to my place to talk about stocks and analyze securities, so thats about it…

^ its a numbers game hommie… you win some you lose some

i’m still feeling guilty about checking out her photo albums (w/o friending her)…not the girl i mentioned, entirely different one…it just feels wrong…

If Frank ever rapes someone we can’t say we didnt see it coming…

Frank the whole point of facebook is to enable what you’re doing. So no there’s nothing wrong.

EDIT: you should also try to get to know them.

Doing this is common. I don’t undertand how anybody could actually feel guilty about this

Just tell her you need her opinion on the quality of Coach products. You have a few that they sent you and you don’t know what you’re going to do with them.

i just asked some girls and they said its not wrong…their explanation was they shouldn’t be public if they don’t want ppl to look…i’m giong to friend her and see what happens…

Poke her.