Is Level 3 Ethics the same as Levels 1 and 2?

I know there are a few extra topics, but are the couple of hundred pages on the Code and Standards covering the exact same material as Levels 1 and 2? Wondering if it’s necessary to reread all of that.

Level III’s mostly about compliance: what do you do to prevent violations, detect violations, react to violations, and so on.

Read it all; the focus is very different from Levels I and II.

Thanks S2000magician, I was wondering the same. Some say to leave the ethics readings for last…is this the best strategy?

I wouldn’t.

I’d read them early, then review them at least once in the middle of my studies, and once more during the last week. And do as many questions as I can, as many times as I can; two’s OK, three’s better.

if you plan to read/review all sessoins few times … i would study ethics last on each of those cycle meaning start with S2 and go all the way upto S18 and then do S1. Although i failed band 7, i read it once few months before exam, used my L2 notes for ethics, plus some new notes on first reading, plus did bunch of samples - and did very well on ethichs. I think i read the materail once, and then re-read my notes 2 times.

Yes it’s the same as Level 2, aside from the asset management code of course. I left it until the end and found no problem breaking 70% on exam day this year.

I’ll do that, although I’m not looking forward to those readings. I have always been puzzled by the CFA ethics…Although when I read them I understand the concepts, I don’t do to well on item sets. go figure!

read the asset manager code and answer all the questions in the cfai book