Is this acceptable?

I work at a top 15 AM, pretty conservative and very clear cut hierarchies of rank. Recently I finally was promoted out of an associate role but I’m still the most junior of the lead analysts. I have wanted for a long time to really give an extra “something something” to my wardrobe. The two things are a pockets square (probably in an architect fold) and a Simple silver tie bar. Do you think either of these are unacceptable?

tie bar definately acceptable. dunno about the pocket squares

I wouldn’t do ridiculous pocket squares, probably just white in a simple architect fold with white dress shirts. ^but you are probably right.

What’s the consensus on suit vests with pocket watches?

And a monocle?

^ Obviously

WTF is a pocket square?


you cant be serious about wearing a tie bar to improve your looks

this is what I’m talking about (maybe in moderation) not your grandpa’s version

It’s a little bit like wearing a tuxedo T-Shirt to a black tie do.

tie bar…still OK (though IMO excessive) pocket squares?! are you serious?

I wore a pocket square even when I was an intern. Never considered a tie bar. The only thing that I thought was off limits to younger guys is French cuffs and links.

How about detachable collars? (no, not THAT kind!)

No to either… Tie bar maaaaybe. How about an upgrade on your watch? or have you considered wearing grillz?

I wear french cuff shirts all the time so if that is pushing it, it’s already to late. I think with watches less is more, so I don’t try to over do it. I have a very clean black leather strap gucci watch. All those people with those gadgety breitlings look so nerdy in my opinion.

Whether or not it’s appropriate, I don’t find the tie bar very attractive. Particularly in those posts; it looks too thick and out of proportion, almost as if it’s “making up for something.” The one advantage of the tie bar is that it keeps the tie from flying all over the place. If you don’t have that problem, just buy nice ties.

I’d rather go for a very expensive, but not obnoxiously looking watch…

Under 30 can definitely wear french cuffs/links, make sure you have a jacket on over it though. +1 on grillz.

I plan to start wearing a waist coat by the end of the year. If Christian Bale (Batman) and Tom Cruise (Lions for lambs) can get away with it…