Where do you guys buy your jeans? What brand / style / fit? I can wear jeans and t shirts to work. Baseball hats if I want.

**Fat people please stay out of this thread**

Levis 505, few different washes.

I was issued my work wardrobe by the Jedi academy. I do have to maintain it, though.

From time to time, I go to Coruscant to pick up some extras, though.

Blake, are you seriously posting this here? The same forum with a bunch of grown ass men barking about a new video game? Me thinks you need to find a metro forum for any qualified opinions.

In any case, I’ve grown fond of dark rinse relaxed fit jeans. I purchased my last 2 pair at Old Navy (~$20) and Target (~$13). They are suitable both for work and going out. I don’t need my jeans to say Hollister or Diesel on the tag.

Anyone who suggests skinny jeans needs to GTFO and stay away from AF!

^How I roll, with nicer shoes.

^ It will always be Notron to me.

What’s the matter CVM, can’t wear skinny jeans bc your knots dont fit?

I wear sevens.

7 for All Mankind, Diesel

^ like these guys, I wear sevens.

Nothing feels better when playing GTA than wearing a pair of $250 jeans. Well, except for playing naked, obviously.

Levis for me! Best fitting and quality.




Good quality, solid price, they range from classically stylish to statement-stylish…I’m usually close to the former, but I don’t know you Blake!

What are 7’s?

Word. Levi’s 559 it is. Less than $50.

Do people really spend $250 on jeans? On something that’s supposedly casual clothing? I don’t think I’ve ever spent $250 on any piece of clothing in my entire life–not even a suit.

Exception–I did spend a pretty penny on my Marine Corps dress blues. Those cost money, but they also get you more ass than a toilet seat.

I actually had to look them up. And Diesel, too.

They’re jeans that cost $250. No typo.

Yep, although I only did that once and realized how stupid it was. I have two pairs of jeans right now, both from Banana Republic at ~$80 each.

What would be interesting to know is how much the clothes you’re wearing right now cost in total (excluding watches and other jewelry). On a normal weekday I’m wearing around $500 worth of clothes. Most of that goes towards the shoes though. That’s business casual. If I have to suit up it’s around $2,000 - I do like to splurge on suits. Casual weekend/club attire is probably in the $400-500 range.

I think that’s fairly reasonable considering I’m not at all a clothes horse. There are plenty of guys I know that wear more expensive shoes than my whole outfit.

^Pants, shirt, and shoes = about $250. Pants and shirt are about $50-60 each.

The shoes make up $150 of that. I don’t mind paying for comfortable, long-lasting, yet professional-looking shoes.

Are we talking net or gross of depreciation?

In Blakespeak, there is no way one will get 15x the utiilty out of a pair of $300 jeans versus $20 jeans. Fact.