What the F was that? NOTHING on time series? NOTHING on some many other f’ing things I busted my nut over? And STILL, I FUCT IT UP. Morning session was ok, I actually finished early (which I regret). Afternoon session, they bent me over and did things to me you won’t read in the bible. Based on the PM, I would bet good money I’ll be back on the level II forum next year. What’s up with the rest of you? N. Van Candidate, you ever get any sleep? Let’s talk questions.

I’ll be back next year, afternoon was brutal

hey guys …be a bit more confident…that mean variance stuff was bs …just like last year with treynor. but from what i can tell…no one had a clue on the majority of those pm questions.

How does that make us not fail?

I thought that the morning session was easy as hell. Anyone else? Lunch break was like the calm before the storm…, The afternoon was very difficult. I felt that everything was fair except for the Econ and PM sections, which are probably where I’ll end up losing the most points. I find it unbelievable how much mundane, useless crap the tested on those two sections.

afternoon was probably difficult because you guys were tired. i had to pop a caffeine pill in the middle of the exam to keep going.

because it’s a scaled test.

Overall, I feel very confident. I would guess that my AM score was above 80%. There were some very difficult topics on the PM section that we all should have seen coming. We knew that there were going to be questions on SWAPs, Residual income, etc. I feel that by really hitting the main topics hard and nailing those sections, I was able to secure a win.

i thought morning was absolutely nothing, I was surprised. Then afternoon was a bomb. I barely got through it, its not like Level I where you can skip questions and come back to it, you reread the entire thing.

Morning Session was nice … till Q31 Kazakhstan. Dunno why I had such fucking problems but I needed 5min for that NPV. The next ones werent better. Afternoon wasnt that hard but PM. Fixed Income very easy.

Hey, that FSA question - what method did Yanna use, becasue Xebra used proportionate consolidation? I said equity and got a figure of 1355 or something

ya but did you put add 850 for xebra because they used prop consol?

yes I think so

I remember one where I chose Revenues was 850…is that a different question?

same one

i def got the 1355.

+1 for Smarshy, so at least I didn’t get a ZERO on the exam

hey is this the one which asked about the most likely if using prop consolidation? Did you get 850000 revenues?

For the proportional consodilation question, you simply had to add 50% of the other company’s revenues

and then you subtract their 50% of the total $40k in dividends paid, not the whole $40k? so $1.355b not $1.335b?