job progression on resume

if you’ve been with a company for a few years and had promotions during the period, would you list your latest position only or show progression such as analyst-associate-VP-whatevah? what’s hot and what’s douche, opinions please

putting , BA Honors is douche. putting MBA or MSF is douche

Of course you show them.

dont be a smart a$$ on me dude. some people may wanna put ‘VP’ only, implying at first HR read you’ve been in a VP role 5 years when in reality you got your sorry a$$ promoted last month. there are different strategies here and i’m polling serious opinions only

I’ve wondered about this as well. My title has changed once already and will change again in a few weeks and I am wondering if I should just use the most current.

I’m at the same company for 10+ years and have held 4 positions in that time. I list company name and then each position by date with duties for each.

Sure, if you want to misrepresent yourself and lie. Do you think if you are 5 years post undergrad and your resume says 5 years as VP the HR mgr isnt going to see through that?

On mine, I treat the positions like I almost had them indifferent companies. If that makes sense Template is like this: COMPANY, CITY, Beginning Year with company to Ending Year with company Position 2, year started position 2 - year ended position 2 COMPANY, CITY, Beginning Year with company to Ending Year with company Position 1, year started position 1 - year ended position 1

If your duty hasn’t changed, only title, display like: XYZ Company NY, NY VP Equity Derivatives 2010- Current Associate Equity Derivatives 2008-2010 -I built great models -I got promoted in 2010 because my models were so cool

1morelevel no need to take a hard stance when clearly what we are talking about here is nuances and strategies to effectively present yourself in a competitive environment and go through an initial HR screening. also if you got “promoted” from analyst I to analyst II whatever the hell that means and your responsibilities hardly changed why waste space

I was hired into one role, promoted after about 2 years, and list them as separate listings on my resume. I feel like putting more than one job title under one entry demeans my promotion! Honestly, if you have had different titles with different functions and different pay scales, there’s no reason not to list them as separate jobs. At the very least, break out your tenure at the firm according to your various roles/responsibilities. Look at a few templates online for how to do this if you like.

see, superiorreturn has his own way of presenting it, different from 1morelevel below. that’s the type of input i was looking for, pros and cons etc.

Hard stance? My thoughts - Promotion from analyst 1 to analyst 2 with no duty changes - include in the job description as an accomplishment with the date Promotion from analyst to associate with no change in job description or responsibilities - display as I did above with corresponding dates Promotion with significant change in job description or responsibilities - display as a whole section Never misrepresent your titles or the dates. Not worth it.

It does NOT look good if you’re at the same rank for a long time. Breaking out legitimate promotions is preferred as it prevents me from wondering if you’ve been passed over for a promotion for the past 5 years…

I’ve been with the same company for 10 years ( with a 2 year wandering sabbatical in the middle). I had two titles. I break them down with details about my functions in each.

This is very subjective. I would recommend listing your most recent title and in the text describe the promotions, i.e. “promoted three times in five years based on solid performance.” This what I do. I started as an Associate and was promoted to VP. I show VP on my resume but note when I was promoted and how my responsibilities changed with the promotion. I also give a specific date " promoted to VP in xx/20xx" so there is no ambiguity. I agree with Imorelevel’s approach, so not sure why you don’t seem to like it.

i like it actually, but wanted to get different opinions and presentation styles

Mobius, have you passed all three levels?

Real talk, I’ve been working for 7+ years and have never gotten a real promotion (due to changing companies, moving cities, and bad career moves). On my resume I gotta find ways to make it seem like my career has progressed. My job titles have been all over the place and a little ambiguous so I have the flexibility of listing seemingly progressive job duties with the titles that I have had. I feel I have the right to highlight the relevant but menial aspects of my first job while highlighting the importance of some the work in my current role. But to answer the question, listing job progression is good unless the job you’re going for a position that prefers years of experience in your current title and you’ve been doing the gig for 6 months. Then I would just try to highlight the responsilities you had in your previous work while being honest about how long you’ve been in your current role.

My CV along the lines of: Current employer XYZ 2000-present 2000-2002 Coffee maker 2002-2005 Senior coffee maker 2005- present Master of the universe Previous employer ABC 1995-2000 1998-2000 Gun runner 1995-1998 Pimp You get the idea. Some people work in the same sort of job in a small office. You are never going to get promotions. If you are happy wit the pay & people, it’s all that matters. Some people hop a lot. All that matters to recruiters is the story, your skill set or your long legs. Golden rule is not to misrepresent yourself, which does not mean not to market yourself. Even this rule is broken by a few criminals/sociopaths. At the end of the day all that matters to the employee is to get the gig.