Job Survey - What do you do?

As a newbie to this whole CFA and the forum, I’m just wondering what kind of work CFA members / candidates do for a living. For me, I’ve worked as an analyst in actuarial and banking environment for the past 3 years, and looking for a career switch. So, what do you do for a living and do you enjoy your job? Did CFA desgnation (or progress toward it) benefit you?

energy trading. yes…only passed level 1 and did not cont

Economist (economic consulting) - enjoy it very much, passed L3 - has been a benefit.

EM fixed income analyst - L3 candidate - has definitely helped

High Grade Fixed Income Research – I suppose I need to sign up for the June 08 Level I sometime soon, and start studying.

You must really enjoy reading the boards here…

professional poker player. the quant section really helps with figuring out the pot odds when i’m trying to hit that gutshot straight draw with with two cards to come.

Discount Brokerage Call Centre Representative. Buddy Glass, may I ask how you got the role of “economist”?

Assitant Vice President, Ballets & Consumption Establishments

turkish… dont embellish. Assistant TO the Vice President.

Third year associate equity analyst, just going into my fourth year. As for the CFA: I’m trying to quit.

I’m trying to steal numi’s role as master of the universe. But don’t let him know i’m gunning for him.

“turkish… dont embellish. Assistant TO the Vice President.” well done Nola…you finally got me.

Associate - Loan Syndications

strikershank Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m trying to steal numi’s role as master of the > universe. But don’t let him know i’m gunning for > him. dang strikershank…you gotta wait in line --Numi Smith, MD, JD, PhD, MBA, CFA, ABC, XYZ, 123

Senior Analyst–Asset Management

Portfolio Administration at an RIA. I enjoy my job overall. I’m pursuing the CFA in order to move into quanitative analysis or the like.

janitor analyst

Senior Portfolio Manager at a multi-manager, head of the private client side. The CFA definitely helped insofar as it was a defacto requirement…lol. Do I like it? I mean I like certain aspects about the job such as being paid and traveling to meet clients and managers. But really it’s the exposure to managers that I’m hoping will act as a segway to a true “PM # 3” role some day. I’m doing well to be sure, however I see my current role as me getting some mid careers lumps or experience depending on how you see things. The shop I work at is VERY small so we all have to where multiple hats. My two cents… Willy

Willy, I’m in the same boat with a small shop. How small is it? We’re down to 11 in house and 2 at a satellite office. Those two are the salespeople.