Jordan B Peterson

Congratulation to Western society, of your hundreds of millions of people, you now have THREE ultra-high-intelligence independent critical thinkers. The newest to emerge from the shadows is Jordan B Peterson with an off the charts verbal IQ, and a cold hard killer pragmatist personality.

This guy is ripping the cult of liberalism to shreds intellectually, fell out of my chair laughing at 7:20…


His points on political correctness are good. But his academic material gives me a headache. It seems very circular and hard to follow. But some people are really attracted to his ideas to rationalize religion

I’ve never listened to his religious studies / mythology lectures. But he dropped any incredibly important insight on the Dave Rubin show: the cult of liberalism wants America to abandon Christianity because it is untrue, and live on science alone because science is true, and that sounds on the surface logical, but it will never work. He explains better than I can why, but he’s right I think.

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You are one of the specific mentalities which his psychological lectures dissect and study.

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