Juliet: Marathon Study Weekend, March 28-29

So I ran the Army 10 miler a couple years ago in DC. It was a little past the midpoint in the race, scorching hot temperatures and this guy running along side me starts shouting: “meat and potatoes!!!, meat and potatoes!!! lets go guys, c’mon everyone, this is the meat and potatoes of the race!!!” This is the meat and potatoes right here. Time to crank it up. Whose with me!!! haha - lets do this

i’m in daddy-o. starting residual valuation tonight so way behind you folks…

les do it. this is what we waited all Fall for. ITS GO TIME! GET SET GO! GIT R DONE!

I’m in. Got the Monster’s on ice. Is there a comomon SS that we could all collectively work through?

in DC. i am sucking wind. will be on board starting next weekend. i’m in tonight also, only thing i need to do is drop my car at the mechanic because my check engine light is on and it’s making some really not so healthy noises. doing that around 9pm so that’ll be my night. 2 hrs starts… NOW. qbank, i’m thinking a little SS12 and then move maybe to some SS13 action. bring it.

I’m in for Saturday. Ridiculous all day fantasy baseball auction on Sunday. might need a “study day” off from work on monday to catch up.

Me to! Im in. Finishing up SS13 tonight!

i am IN hitting the qbank as we speak to hammer out FI. Onto Equity next…

I’m in too! I got extremely motivated after reading the last weekend marathon thread. gluck everyone.

I’m in…Plan to finish SS17 tonight and start on FI. Only 72 days to go!

I’m in…will take care of forex (econ) and tax planning (PM)

I quit!!! (j/k)

Goals: Sunday night, 11:59pm est - where do you hope / plan to be ? I hope to finish ss11. stretch goal to break into ss12

I’m in - Starting with a nice trip to the gym, and then to bed early tonight. Study topics will be allllll of derivatives, including every practice question I can find.

good morning team. took today off. last night was a blast- go BIG EAST! the pitt/xavier game was awesome and seeing duke miss shot after shot was fun too. i just got a bagel, latte, am relaxing and right around 10am my marathon starts. i’m more or less out of the game sat/sun, so my goal is maybe 75-100 qbank q’s today and some review of residual income and alts in the CFAI end of chapter q’s. starting monday i move into a solid FSA review. bring it.


I’ve been slackiing this week big time. This is a big weekend to get back on track. Let’s go I’m in! Starting on book 5 of the Schweser notes.

anyone out there? banni - did you hit 75?

finishin PE yo. somethin just came up. i’ll be in for a bit tomm, but count me out sunday for the most part, i might pop in though. will make up for this on monday.

SG made me think about some good quotes from PO - here are some classics “You’re not going to the movies; you’re not going to the bar this weekend. The more miserable you are, the more likely you are to pass this exam.” “Good luck studying, I’m with you. Stay in, go to the library, no fun, no happiness, not going to equate to success. So stay in, be lonely, be bored, break up with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, just study.” “You don’t want to be at the bar with your friends, you don’t want to be at home watching TV, you want to get your charter and make some money.” “Get that coffee ready, get that caffeine ready; get ready to snort the sugar & shoot the coffee baby!” “Patience, practice, persistence… Let’s do it baby!!!” - Peter Olinto, CFA