June 2010 Level I'ers

Where art thou? Introduce yourselves to the forum

hi, I am taking the level 1 CFA ,June 2010. I will be using Schweser almost exclusively.I am currently in my final undergraduate year in engineering and will graduate next year in May. Very excited about the CFA. Very scared about FSA and econ.

Hey! I’m taking L1 in June also and started seriously studying a month ago. I’ve got over 10 years investment related work experience and have always wanted to pursue the CFA, but for various reasons have put it off. It’s now or never!

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@Alphaboy: Dont be fazed by this stuff man. Lots of people from nonfinance backgrounds take this exam and do well. Look at the non-finance backgrounds thread for inspiration. some of these guys have been on the forum for a while, and the knew their stuff really well. I never know they didnt have related backgrounds. @Horsegirl: 10 years of investment experience! AWESOME. I look forward to working with you guys over the next six months.

I do too, if i fail Dec. 8(

Hey all. I’m new here too. I’ll be taking the June '10 Level I. Last year of my undergrad - major finance, minor accounting, focus in derivatives. Got Schweser notes but I haven’t touched them yet. I’ve read the first study session off of the CFAI website, but I haven’t got my books yet. First final is tonight so I’ll probably get going hardcore after the new year. Going through the quicksheet, I’ve seen everything except ethics before but I haven’t been tested in the detail that this is gonna test. Looks like my Xbox is gonna get really dusty over the next 6 months…

I am in my final year of undergrad and pursuing math/stats (econ minor). I got the curriculum last month haven’t had much time to follow a strict schedule. I also got hold of study guides from Scheweser. Exams in next 2 weeks and after that I really have to lay out strict schedule. Considering finance is not my major so I have really get into detail of everything. Except Quant and Economics, everything I have to start from scratch. I did took finance couse in my 2nd year, so have very general knowledge of NPV, annuities. Other then that ! I hope I am committed to it. Good Luck

Hello all! I am also taking the exam in June '10. I graduated in May, double major in acct/finance. I took the Dec. '09 but didn’t prepare correctly for it. I’m looking forward to passing it on June! I have the '09 Stalla materials, so I guess I’ll study from there before I get the '10 materials. Good luck to everyone!!

I feel old with you guys still in college. What’s the average age of an L1 candidate?

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Hello All, I am writing the exam in June '10. Hopefully, we all can help each other nail this down.

Hi everyone, I’m writing the June 2010 L1 exam in Denver. I’m a double major (Finance/marketing) from the great state of Michigan. Graduated Spring 2008 and moved to the mountains. Luckily my girlfriend is finishing her PA program and a hand full of my friends are going back to nursing/pharm school in Jan. Looks like I wont be the only one hitting the books. Good Luck to everyone!

Hello everyone, From the Bay area and graduated June 2009 with a double major in Finance/PoliSci. I will be doing Level I June 2010 as well; Im new to the CFA, so glad I found this forum! I havent recieved the curriculum yet… am debating whether or not to get Schweser/Stalla study notes. Do most people use study notes in conjunction with the curriculum? Whats everyones study plan? People who passed Level I-what do you recommend? Thank you all!

Hello everyone, I am taking a second stab at level one in June 2010. I failed June 2009 (band 10) and was so frustrated I took a little breather. I’m back with more motivation than ever and am ready to beastmode this exam. I’m using the Schweser Qbank and books. F the CFAI text. I like to read the Schweser text, working all of the EOC Q’s and then work two 120 Q tests on each book after I finish. As I progress through multiple books, I will throw in a mixed topic 120 Q tests in here and there to stay fresh on the material I’ve read. Plan is to hit the most topic weighted section first followed by my weaker areas: FRA (Also my weak area) Economics Fixed Income Ethics & Stats (Strong on stats part, but sucked a** on Ethics section Corporate Finance Equities

Hi, I am preparing for the June’10 exam.Graduated from college this year(Commerce).I am through with Quants,Eco and first two study sessions of FRA.Although i have both stalla and schweser ,I am using CFA curriculum exclusively for prepration.

Hi, am new, and from non-econ background, sort of Journalist. the texts in Schweser as well as Curriculum seem just characters to me, hardly understand what they are talking about. but am still working on them. starting from FRA, which is said the basic and always weak area. I just read half of Schweser book of FRA.

Hello AF’ers, I’m back, again. Bank 8 Dec 2008. I was very depressed for a while, but being the sadomasochist that I am, I’m back for more. I have more than ten years of investment experience, mostly in portfolio management (short duration fixed income). I’m doing this more for my own personal selfish reasons, not so much for the glamour of actually taking this beast. I’m sticking with the CFAI material this time, taking my own notes, and using Qbank and the videos to fill in the holes. Good luck to all.

Hi, first post here. Taking Level I in June, ten years in the mutual fund industry but looking to branch out my options a bit. Been reading through the Schweser books the past month or so. Biggest challenge for me will be balancing out prep time between work and family. Good luck to all!