June 2011 L2 from Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon..Anyone!!!

Was wondering if anyone on AF is going to write L2 in June 11 is from New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon.

yup i am. based in Gurgaon

Dude are u takin any coaching or goin on wid the prep on ur own…and Have u started?

Not started yet.No coaching. and BTW i am a girl…

k…couldn’t figure that out…wen do u plan to start? and do u have the schweser notes or wat?

No worries on you not figuring it out…schweser notes shall be available first week Nov. so i intend to start post diwali i guess…what about you

Lots of friends are getting married in november nd december…and i am talking about good friends…so will be very busy till dec…but will start in dec mid…AAhhhhhhh!!! really not lookin forward to start studying…life is so good other wise…lol

tell me about it…similar situation here except family getting married. but i take time building my pace…so intend to atlst start in Nov…u based in ggn?

nah!!! delhi…i used to work in gurgaon, but work in noida now…were do u work?

ggn…so you planning to study from CFAI texts or schweser

Schweser only…CFAI text is too much…i know that i will give up mid way if i start with CFAI text…i know lots of people are against the idea of only doing schweser, but i know people who have passed with only schweser…so i am gonna go with schweser…wat about you

well schweser…hardly any time for CFAI…

very true…and do u plan to use the Q Bank or not…also, lemme know the number of the person who provides schweser notes in delhi…i used my friends notes for l1, but he has failed l2…so have to buy my own…

Q bank im not too sure.atleast at the moment. the guys number i shall let you know. Although he is in GGN.else you can try Ber Sarai.

give me the contact details of both of them…might turn out to be useful if one of them is unavailable…thanks

I would not have the contact number of anyone in Ber Sarai.But that is a cluster of shops near IIFT. so anytime you go you can figure out. the other guy’s number…send me your mail id i shall connect on that

Anyone from Mumbai?

wat r u planning to start with zain? …im thinking of finishing up quant and eco first from the CFA book (the only two sections aprt from ethics i plan to do from there) as its just a few pages…my major problem area is FSA…wat abt u?

I am in NCR and currently studying Fixed Income/Alternative Investments. FSA is a problem for all of us non-CPAs I think. Even Equity/Derivatives is quite difficult. Not sure but if I had time, I would spend it reading these topics from CFAI text instead of quant/Eco.

@anupam : sorry for not yet connecting with you. got tied up with some stuff. shall today evening for sure. thanks for the link though. shall join in. @mayormaynot :not started yet. but will probably tackle econ/equity/fsa first. planning to start today/tomorrow depending when i get off work. wanted to pick up cFAi texts but dont think i have the time. lets see.