June CFA Level II Challenge

Group effort. Seven readings per week. Do it one per day or all seven on a sh*tty Saturday morning. Doesn’t matter, as long as you do seven per week. Given that schedule you will be through all the readings in 70 days. If you have already started studying, then great, you will have completed the material and already started your review. If you’re in, then post here. Only request is that if you fail to meet the 7 readings in any week you post here thereby failing the challenge. I’d like to see how many of us can stick to the rigourous schedule that will be needed to pass the exam. Note: some readings will take much longer than a day, a few will take less time. Don’t care about excuses, you still have to get 7 done in a week. If you know next week will be busy, then you can front load and get 10 done this week leaving only 4 for next. However, carryover only works for up to one week (need to make sure you keep the pace instead of going hard for one week and taking two off). Post every Monday morning saying if you kept up with the challenge or if you failed.

by day 70, you will forget 40% of quant econ and fra. :smiley:

You can get through the material more quickly than 70 days? Otherwise, what’s your point? You’re going to need to review as many times as possible to get back that 60% you forgot.

i am a slow learner, i cant make your challenge. i might go thru the material alright, but i will fail brutally

I am taking your challenge and I started this week itself with Quant. I will post every sunday nite/morning morning with reading nos that I completed.

good luck boys. i’ll tell you right now even if you do all that reading day in day out, you wont retain anything.

I’m confused on how slowly people are going through the material. I have a better chance of retaining information by working hard for two months than I do by relaxing a bit more for four months while going through it slowly. Maybe for some people if they read something without pressure they can retain it for four months when they start their first review. Me personally? I have a better chance of remembering after only two months.

7 readings on a Saturday morning… - as if

Lloyd Christmas Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 7 readings on a Saturday morning… - as if Yeah, maybe in an entire weekend, but I was exaggerating a bit. For the record I’m just doing QBank questions. When I don’t know how to do one I go back and research. I do have an actuarial background and much of this is material that I covered a few years ago so my method may not work for those starting from scratch.

I’m doing something like this. I want to do at least seven a week. I usually get through 3-5 on the weekdays, and then crush another 3-4 on the weekend. So far on schedule.

My schedule is pretty similar, I have 12 study sessions left, and there are twelve weeks until the end of April. I am going to try and push it and hopefully be done by the beginning of April and have two months for review.

115 days left to the exam, if you dedicate enough time and take proper notes for the 7 readings/week to quickly review & do practice test during the last 45 days, I think you’ll manage. Its doable but will be tough. Personally I’m on a tight schedule too…deviated from my initial plan and will be done by 11th april leaving 53 days to review and practice…concentrating on reading the material and making adequate notes right now so the review goes by faster (allowing time to solve EOC’s) and leaving at least 2 weeks for practice exams.

1 full reading a day…sounds a stretch to me. Even if you are unemployed this can be a stretch…if you are reading just for the sake of reading you maybe able to do it, but if you are reading for understanding and completing questions like Qbank and EOC…I don’t think this is the best strategy. I have a goal of 1 Study Session per week along with watching lectures completing questions and after each Topic I do a cumulative review test. Good luck to those who attempt!

Only two are officially trying the contest, but I’ll include everyone’s name in the thread that has expressed some interest: vyadagiri (joined 2/8) Danny Boy (joined 2/8) grumble greyhound86 Kamisyed If you post which readings you completed then I will post a summary every Monday morning. I am personally doing readings 11-17 this week. It’s going to be hard to get through that material, but I know I have a very busy week next week so I’m going to try and get a little bit ahead. For those mentioning just skimming the material, I would rather fail the challenge than jeopardize my chances by wasting time not understanding. It’s going to take a lot of hours to get through 7 sessions per week… there’s no other way about it. However, if you’re starting studying for level II this late in the game, then you have to be ready to put in the time if you want to pass. If nobody else joins, then you’ll just see an annoying thread keep popping up mentioning which study sessions we completed :slight_smile: feel free to quiz my understanding if you see that I have completed a section.

I accept the challenge. I’ll start on Monday 14th February.7 readings a week. I’ll be done by 11:59pm 24th April 2011. I’ll try to do 8 readings a week just in case I fall sick or something. It’s pretty similar to what I did for Level I(December 2010). I hear level 2 is much harder so I guess that isn’t a valid point. I’ve gone through a few videos just to soften the material up but I haven’t started reading the text. If I fail(more likely) I guess I’ll go down swinging! Let the games begin!

I think it may be harmful to read that much that fast. This is really about knowing the material deeply rather than just reading as much as possible that fast. Say in April you finish, but you don’t really have a good grasp of the material, you going to do another full read through?

Greyhound86, i too have 11 study sessions to go and am trying to stay on schedule to be done by early April and then begin practice exams. Are u also doing the EOC questions as you go thru the reading?

Alriight, I’ll bite. I’ll try to update. I’m finishing up FRA right now (reading 28). EOC, Quizbank and review time! So far I’m at 5 readings for the week. This week might be my worst one, as I have social stuff this weekend, but I’ll be back on track next week. Also, I’ve come to the realization that Quant has already faded significantly. I remember the general idea, but I’m starting to forget the fine details. Will need to review hardcore.

I don’t think it’s harmful to read that fast. In fact, as I came to realize with level 1( I know level 2 is NOT Level 1), reading that much in a short time helps you better draw connections with all the readings. It puts everything in perspective. I don’t write notes. I just underline what I think is important. I don’t move on until I’ve understood at least 70% of the material. I make sure I can mentally answer and explain most of the LOS in a reading. If you finish early, it gives you time to expose yourself to many questions. I do all the EOC questions as I read.(That’s the only thing I write). I’ll do them all again when I finish covering the syllabus. I’ll do practice exams to work on speed. Every question I fail I’ll go back and read again. Finally, the mock will let me know if I should start saving to retake the paper or if am ready to do the paper. Obviously, this strategy will not work with everyone. I think it about what works for you. We’ve got about 1000 $ billionaires in the world most of who got there using different methods but they all ended up billionaires. I guess its the same with the CFA Level 2. I think this challenge will help with discipline and keeping up with the schedule. If you haven’t yet started, you’ve got nothing to lose; join!

I am in. I’m fortunate in that my job allows me to be home/studying by 5pm each day. Have 59 readings to do. Looking to be through by late April. However I will probably fail the challenge since I will have extra work/family commitments during some weeks in March (these will be offset by taking entire days off to study in April and May).