Just CAN'T get a job...

Before my passed my CFA level 1 I had no experience and only a university diploma. I was interviewed for an equity analyst for a small boutique Toronto firm. I didn’t get the job

Later I got hired in FX sales. Got some experience. Hated it. Left.

Right now, I’ve passed CFA level 1, gained financial services experience, and doing the CSC. Today I was interviewed for an intern equity analyst position with a boutique Toronto firm. I didn’t get it.

What is it about this fucking position? The reply I get from the employer is “we found someone with skills more aligned with what the company needs” but they never tell you what fucking skills. I’m so mad right now, like how the fuck do I get a job. And each job requires experience, how the fuck am I suppossed to get experience if I can’t get the fucking job. And it’s like why interview me and then tell me I don’t have the right skills, how about not wasting my time.

I am steamed. And worried. If I can’t get the job that pays $0 how am I supposed to get the job that pays $40 000

You remind me of me two years ago… Its a hard market out there in general and I think Canada’s particularily tough since it seems to be a pretty saturated market. When I was job hunting like a mofo 2 years ago and considering moving back to Canada, I couldn’t even get interviews and I was applying everywhere, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, etc…

It really is annoying though isn’t it; everybody wants some experience but how do you get it?

companies these days have realized they can find people with more experience then needed, and still successfully lowball them during hiring.

slowly and slowly, the best way to “break in” is through on-campus recruiting, unless you have solid experience to show or know someone well enough they get you in.

What did you do Krazykanuck?

Yeah, you’re right. In my mind intern positions are for people with absolutely no experience. And the people applying for them has so much experience, and the employer is like “wow, you got all this analyst experience, knowledge, and talent!? fuck yeah, I’ll pay $0 an hour!” and then people like me, with other skills and other experience are left out.

I took a job in big 4 audit since it was the first offer I got and they’re always hiring. Hated the job, but I was able to leverage that experience into a better position with a bit over a year of experience. I knew I wanted out on day 1, so you need a plan to do what I did. I wanted to get out before I got branded with the “accountant” brush.

For that first job, the key is simply to get it. Also I think in hindsight you might realize it would have been better to stay in that FX sales job until you got a new job, assuming it was paid. Don’t let go of your current branch until you have a new branch to swing onto.

Hopefully you didn’t use language like that in the interview.

I can understand your frustration, but please don’t use it here.

You broke the first rule of career life - Never leave your current job without a new one lined up. We cut two of our top candidates from our recent hiring process specifically because they left their jobs like that. Very good, qualified candidates that would have been an excellent fit, but if you hightail as soon as you you get bored with that company, what’s to say you won’t do the same with us?

Yep this is good advice. I will use it for the next time. Amateur mistake on my part. It was just 8 hours of nothing but cold calling. With ridiculous quotas and if I didn’t have a phone in my hand I was questioned like “why aren’t you calling”, “why aren’t you working” and so on. But good advice non the less

Lol, come on. That is funny. Offended by language?

You moved to the US though, yeah? Did you get a job first then move, or did you go out on a limb and skip town to find a job in the US later?

I’m not offended, I just wouldn’t hire someone who talks trash in a professional environment.

And if you keep writing full-out profanities here you will be banned. So stop.

You think I used profanities during my interview?

Also, you think my employers will be browsing this or any forum scouting for who I am really thinking “hmm I know his real life name… but I wonder which of these thousands of people is his internet alias”

^ the real tragedy in being banned, is that you won’t have a shot at that killer dopp kit.

Let him vent a little bit…geeze. We’re all adults and doubt anyone is offended by a rant of this nature.

I was already in the US since I went to university here… I considered going back to Canada thinking the job market might be better, but didn’t find it any more attractive. Not to mention I don’t really like snow or high taxes so those were 2 more reasons to stay here. Getting a work visa definitely isn’t easy though, even if you are only from Canada.

Firstly, I asked nicely, above. I even said “Please.”

Secondly, I’m just asking people to cover up a few frkin vowels. Is that such a burden in this f-d up world?

It really is a sippery slope. All of a sudden, people start asking well, “so and so said f*ck; why can’t I say f*ck.” And then we have to go through and parse everyone’s meaning and figure out if it was “offensive enough” or not to warrant a comment, when it’s commonly understood that profanities are not for public fora.

And this isn’t even the Water Cooler section, where - though fully spelled profanities are still not welcome - at least it’s understood to be a more lax environment.

People really want to be professionals in this industry? Then start friggin acting like professionals.

Totally agree with you bchad…

Probably @ ryanmackk is not conscious that in this forum most (if not all) people prefer more professional and civil language than the ones full with profanities. Hope this forum too does not stoops to that level where every page is scattered with profanities - your concern is very much valid.

“And it’s like why interview me and then tell me I don’t have the right skills, how about not wasting my time.”

Please remember they need ‘anyone’ with right qualities not necessarily you (of which qualification and experience are two main criterias only, refined communication skill and civility may be others) but for you at that moment that is the ‘only’ job you need (as you have consciously applied for it!)…

So, have the patience and courage to face the interview and prove your suitability , the skills they requiree in most cases are evident with little homework before you go for it (probably presuming they are likely to select you in any case!) - many do so on this forum itself enquiring what is required for such and such job etc. Actually you are not showing your anger at the interviewers but only showing your frustration with yourself - since you are not able to do what you think is easy to do presuming Level 1 and the experience you have is invaluable for the company.

Just ‘to get a job’ do think in a cool manner and analyse what you need to highlight to prove you are still ‘good’ for the job they want to be done and either you already have the skills they require or if any deficiency you are confident to learn it sooner than later on the job. Go with an open mind and skillfully open them upto say what skills they require - one or two instances will equip with the right answers to vouch for those skills. No use using foul language or getting angry … it ultimately depreciates you only and situation worsens. Best of luck next time.

LOL. Agree to disagree.

I didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers. I guess I’m used to guys letitng off steam every once in awhile - be it on the basketball court, at a bar after work while downing a couple beers, etc. Using profanities in the work place, in the words of the CFA, “reflects poorly on you and your profession”, but this is not the work place so I give some leeway. And I don’t understand what the difference between straight up cursing and using the soft ball term “f-d up” Same thing man! :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, I get your point - perhaps we just come from different backgrounds.

I agree with this - God knows I’ve got a truckers mouth myself, but it just doesn’t fit with the culture on AF. Sounds funny saying that about a web forum, but 90% of us are professionals on here. Let’s not turn it into WSO.