Just got my Level III stuff from the CFAI delivered.

When are you guys going to start reading this stuff?

Measuring what you have to study in terms of pounds is never a good thing.

time really flies, it seems like yesterday that i was so excited to receive the 2008 L3 books. i’ve heard that only very minor changes made to the 2009 books.

I’m not gonna lie, I read a page for the hell of it. I’m gonna read some periodically as the mood strikes me between now and December. Although I won’t call it studying because I’m only going to read what I want to when I want to. In December I’ll start building a light regimine that allows me to continue my exercise and social life, and in February I’ll probably go into full blown study mode.

black swan et al, what is the gig fpor level III… is it same old schweser or cfai? i will appreciate ur thoughts…