Just logged in, said i passed..

Sitting in bed and thought i would log in just to “see”… well it said I passed wow. Maybe a glitch and they not supoose to show yet

Just kidding! The servers are locked and error riddled lol

Cruel man! Looking at the L2 forum today however it definitely looks like results can come out earlier than stated so worth keeping an eye on the website. Makes a nice change to get it early, when I passed L2 in June 17 my email arrived 3 hours late!

I saw your post and thought I logged into L2.

Just reading the L2 forum comments about passing/failing almost makes me shit my pants. Two more weeks!!

The passers of L2 will soon be here with a billion questions…

Holy smokes. The pass rate is 41% for L2.

L1 and L2 rates have dropped from last year. makes me scared

Nope, 44%

we should welcome them already!

it is 44%. 41% for l1

Had them backwards I guess.

Oh hell nahhhhh this is giving me more anxiety

Nigga why would you do something like this? I almost got a heart attack. I don’t know how I am gonna cope up with the failure because I’m pretty sure I’m failing and seeing the passing rate down from last year fro LI and LII makes me all the more sure. Man, I don’t have the energy and strength to go through all of this all over again.

wait for it.

Pull it together there bro.

Yesss…words of wisdom please

They really need to settle down here:

Already here )