Just Registered for Level II

Hi everyone,

Just registered for Level II, can’t believe it, feels like I just registered for Level I. But I’m super excited to get back to the grind. Went into Level I unsure, but I came out on top. Could have went either way.

I’m having a problem deciding what test prep I will be using for Level II.

For Level I I read Schweser Notes in their entirety, did CFAI text for places I had problems, CFAI EOC questions and Kaplan mocks/Qbank. I felt prepared but I felt I could have been better prepared. I do not have a formal education in finance. Probably should have done more mock exams.

For Level II I’m considering Calk and Board. I hear a lot of good things about him, but I’m concerned that not having the Schweser notes and reading through the CFAI text books instead may take up too much time. I will start studying after Labor day so time is on my side.

A bit confused what to do, any input would be appreciated. Thank you.

CFAI textbooks are really a must on level 2.

As long as you start studying around Labor day, it doesn’t matter if you study straight from the curriculum or some 3rd party provider, you will pass.

This is what I’m hearing. Maybe I’ll stick with the cfai text this time around and ditch schweser notes. Time on my side. For level 1 thought cfai text was much better but I didn’t start till Jan I don’t think I would had enough time.

I’d say you’re better off studying at least FI, EQ and FRA straight from CFAI books.

Welcome to the Frey! I’m using Meldrum and CFAI curriculum. I was disappointed with Kaplan for L1 too. Even though I passed, there was definitely stuff in the CFAI mocks and qbank that Kaplan didn’t cover and I spent review speed reading the corruculum to fill the gap. I Also wound up buying Meldrum for L1 one subject at a time. We have time so I’m reading the whole corruculum. I’ll probably still get Wiley qbank because they have a nice app to work on questions on my phone. Meldrum seems to have a nice size qbank as well. I like to save the CFAI qbank for April.

I’m sure Kaplan is sufficient for many people. I’m just not good with the minimum effort strategy.

I had ordered Meldrum for level 1 along the way to compliment my Schweser studies, but did not like MM’s videos. They were too lengthy and I had a tough time retaining the knowledge. I learn best by reading.

Also feel like Schweser minimally prepares you. Grateful for their program because I did pass level 1, but with time on my side, leaning towards Nathan Ronen and cfai text. Will order test prep mocks, and qbanks probably. Def not schweser qbank though thought that was useless. Schweser mocks was all I did for level 1, so pretty good material there.

MM Videos are indeed long. I’m watching them in chunks now, by Los, as I read. For L1 I either watched entire videos or the sections where I was struggling to understand. I’m also following his review schedule to get the eoc’s done in time for each release. That will mean 2 passes of all blue box examples and eoc’s before I even start my review in April.

I do plan to buy Kaplans secret sauce and quick sheet. They were great for the last week or so in L1.

I also have just registered for Level II, and share the same doubts and excitement. I decided to follow CFAI curriculum solely, as time is (still) on our side… Good luck everybody!

Congrats for getting registered.

Did they provide curriculum through vital source drop down format or pdf page wise format?

Will also get Kaplan secret sauce, review sheet in addition to their mocks. Will couple this with cfai text, chalk and board and probably a few orher’s mocks. Happy to have solidified my strategy for level II.

I relied exclusively on the Schweser material for LEARNING the material. After I had learned the material, I did all of the Topic Tests and practice problems on the CFA website, reset them all, and then did them again.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

The key to Level 2 is to just. keep. grinding.

I did Kaplan + CFAI supplemental material (EOC, BB)… i did not have time for the full curriculum. I felt like what I used was way more than enough given my demanding job, so it depends on your study style.

Passed Level 2 in 2018 using my buddy’s 2017 books, and 6 mock exams from kaplan plus the 2017 CFAI mock. Good luck!

What kind of books?

What worked for me was using Wiley videos (and questions at the end) with CFAI EOC questions… Cant stress enough to do the CFAI EOC multiple times… I probably did all of them 3 times over. Then for mocks i suggest Kaplan.

2017: Schweser self study, failed

2018: Schweser online class (January start), failed

2019: Schweser online class (October start), passed

I think the main thing that helped me was the earlier start. It allows you to get through the material faster so you can get to practice problems a lot sooner. Also the class keeps you on pace to complete the material with ample time for review and practice problems.

I don’t think taking the class is a game changer but it did help to keep me on schedule with my studying.

  1. I used only schweser with classes and videos. Passed first time. My name is just trolling. But schweser’s stufff gets too complicated at times, which is frustrating. If I had to do it again I would use Mark Meldrum and EOC until I drop.

No need to read the curriculum. It gets super complicated, especially the derivatives reading. I used IFT videos and notes. I would put IFT notes to be the best out there. I also bought Meldrum’s package, just for fixed income and derivatives. Started in March and passed comfortably. As long as you put in the hours, you’ll be fine.

quick and dumb question

for June 2020 level 2 exam, i need the 2019 or 2020 schweser notes?

asking because i have 2019 but if i recall i dont remember notes being ready until november for june sittings