Just starting today! Need advice

I got bogged down in job stuff and now I’m finally cranking with preparation. I have the next few weeks pretty much off, so I can devote most of my time to study. I would appreciate any tips for passing/being super-efficient! Thanks!

Seriously? I was going to post something like this as a joke. Well good luck to you.

Get all the Schweser material you can. Videos, notes, Qbank, flash cards.

12-15 hours a day, thousands of questions, repetiton, repetition, repetition, and more questions.

Good luck.

Don’t waste any time eating, sleeping, blinking (they add up).

Good Luck.


Doable. Btw would you been keen on group studying via emails? I’m based in Inda, have a 4 week sabbatical. I’m wrapping up my first reading as well. Gtalk?

Wow! If you are serious…good luck… I have been preparing since Christmas…slowly but surely. AND I HAVE A WEEK OFF before the exam…Overkill? YES! But I do not want to write this again!

Focus more on Equity, FRA, Ethics, CorpFin, Alt Inv, Econ… (FRA, Ethics, Equity constitute high weightage & I find CorpFin, Econ and Alt. Inv. easier than Quant, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Portfolio)

Finish ur readings asap and then do lots of practice before exam…

Jus do it!! Don think much… Good luck!!


I am game for group study , I am getting 10 days off before exam . Finished 1 round and bit of practice problems last week , will do 2nd round for next 10 days and rem for mocks

factor hedge, sent you an email!

This is probably a joke.

If this is serious, I’d have to say you are looking at really long odds

I’m happy to post about progress with others under the gun. Not terribly keen on group studying, I tend to process material better on my own. Thanks for the tips about topic areas!

Well, random guesses would give you 33%. If you could boost that up to 66%, you’ll have a pretty good chance to pass. Good luck!

You should quit and enjoy your time off. Try next year…

concentrate on FSA, Equity, Ethics and just read the summary for the rest …who knows.

FSA, Equity, Ethics, Corp Fin and FI. No questions. Good luck!!

reading this thread has giving me hope.

i started reading back in feb but got demotivated( personal issues) and quit reading all together. read fsa and equity and completed eoc from the cfai books back then. ive got the next three weeks off from work and may want to take a real stab at this. wud go with some of the recommended approach here and focus on the big dogs, ill just read the sauce for every thing in between. its a toss up at this rate , if i dont pass ill build on it into next year… thanks guys, lets do it!

You can do it with the right discipline.

Good luck

Good Luck! focus on equity, and i am gonna be honest, chances are you wont finish study on time