Just want to recommend the practice assessments

I’ve just gotten to the practice assessments on the CFAI website. They have been great at covering a lot of ground, identifying holes in your understanding, and being quick to do. Plus the fact they are from the CFAI so at least you’re going to get used to the language and help you not wonder if you are wasting your time.

For those of you who have been expecting to hammer out 3rd party mocks/material into the last few days we have left – definitely slide in some practice assessments.

^ thanks!

sshhh!!.. keep the curve down

but yeah… by saturday if you can do the CFAI practice exams inside and out blindfolded you should be good

^ And blindfolded! LOL. So are you doing both sets of practice exams - the one that can be printed out in PDF format and the other found under Online Practice Assessments? Can the one listed under all the topical practice assessments be printed out? It seems like a bit of a pain to do it online… Which of the practice tests includes the FRA quesitons that everyone has been saying is so hard? I want to make I tackle that on before the exam rather than anything that looks like it during the exam.

Woot! It’s almost 1 in the morning and I’ve been studying since 9 AM. Rocking and rolling here in Chicago, for sure.

Thanks much!

Wait, what? There are 2x 2015 mock exams from CFAI!? 2 full (AM + PM) mocks?


One set is under Tools/Online Practice Tests - at the very bottom of the list

The other one is under Tools/Your mock exam PDFs. I assume they’re different tests since the first question was different on them when I briefly eyeballed them. Not sure about that though.

But, ehem, do you know which FRA vignette everyone is getting burned on? I’m ready to walk across burning coals. Give it to me!

More mocks? I don’t not whether I’m happy or horrified. I wrote about the difficulty of FRA in the mock and I meant the mock which is not under the topic assessment, the AM part (Aeolus & National Resort cases).

^ Thanks. They might be the same mock provided under 2 different formats (electronic & pdf) but if CFAI was going to offer the same MOCK as PDF too, why not offer all the assessments as PDFS while they were at it?

Haha - like all the other things they do are logical!

Even the freakin currency conventions used are different from how generally traders talk on the phone.

Haha - like all the other things they do are logical!

Even the freakin currency conventions used are different from how generally traders talk on the phone. Add to that the magical disappearance of (1-t) from Beta adjustment method…whatever that’s called

No Lammy. They are same… There is only one Mock. Morning and Afternoon under both Online Practice test as well as PDF. The only difference is order of options.

These FRA ones are tough. Just went 2/6 on that Eagle question set.

There’s only one mock with two versions, I got many questions wrong on the mock, but I know this one is accurate inside and out blindfolded!

You guys almost scared me there. I was quite sure they were the same mock had to double check! But yeah, I am focusing on completing the online assesments I find them invaluable for me this week so far. more than anything. Also, they equal another couple mocks anyways!

^They are quite in fact taken from prior-year mocks. Btw on a triva note, a Morrocan co-worker told me “mock” was the close equivalent to mothaf***er in Arabic.

wait, where do I find these online assessments?

edit: nevermind I found them. next to the mock online.

Candidate Resources --> Online Practice Tests

thank you!

bro…some of these assessments are HARD…

i would try not to get too demotivated on your 3/6s and 4/6s etc because if Im a betting man (i am…) the questions on the actual exam cannot be as difficult as some of these!!

They have gotten harder as I’ve gone along. I just got a couple 1/6s. Granted I was kind of just skimming them while at work, but still.