Just when you're feeling good...

CFAI takes all your confidence away with a 53% on Sample 2. So I actually paid them 40 bucks to piss on me. Two weeks of hard work, decent scores on Book 6 last weekend and despite all that I’m back to where I started a month ago. Now tomorrow morning: review the screenshots I made. Hopefully that helps because it’s 3am and I’m pretty tired.

think that’s what i got too. don’t worry about it. come back hard on the mocks… and you did not screenprint.

46% here.

I know b/c i was shadowing mcpass and he was not violating CFA standards by taking screenshots of the exam…

No worries I ran them through Compliance.

Same score here mcpass. Still wondering what the heck happened.

Is it worth buying? Is there anything to learn from it?

43% here

sample 3 isn’t much better. don’t worry about these samples, if we all had that much trouble it says more about them than us. hopefully.

Did anyone do well on this thing? I got a on that this morning 46 and just figured I must be grossly underprepared… but it doesn’t sound like anyone’s passing this one.

i think anything above a 60 is a great score on this one. i saw a couple of those (black swan) and i think kabhi got something in the 70’s. which is low for him. seriously, someone has to stop him.

I know someone who rocked an 80

well, mwvt, i’m leaving it up to you to take him (or her, there’s no mercy) out for the greater good, my friend.

i got a 63 which i guess i’m happy about now.

Anybody who can get an 80 on that test can not be destroyed.

good point.

I want an am and a pm this Sat. just like sample 2. It is every man, woman and swedish teen pop star for themself. …no offense of course.

I hope you are kidding.

i will find the guy with the lucky twice cellphone ring to pay him to sit next to you during the test. seriously? 80? you’re an animal.

120 questions like that would be redunkulous. Keep in mind, I’m not sure I could be serious about anything really right now. My wife thinks I am borderline 12-monkey’s crazy.