Justice Department To Appoint Special Counsel

It is going down, folks. Mueller is very well regarded He has the power to set a budget, hire independent staff and to bring charges on any federal crimes uncovered. History in the making :open_mouth:

I think Hillary just shit her depends.

I think Hillary just shit her depends.

If she’s involved, let justice and the truth prevail :+1:

Don’t forget Obama.

:+1:Never forget

bill is loving this

Slick willy comes up aces again!

And the market tanks and tax cuts ain’t happening anytime soon…what was the f’ing point of getting the clown the crown?

Saw a good line about this the other day…

The defining feature of a “devil’s bargain” is that the devil never gives you what you believe you bargained for.

Who knows how long this will take, but the answers to two major questions will determine how far.

  1. Are Trump and his crew ethical and honest?

  2. Are Trump and his crew competent?

So much winning. Apparently this is what happens when you declare war on the FBI

“If I win - I am going to instruct my AG to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation bc there’s never been anything like your lies.”

-our loser POTUS via twitter on 11/9/2016

minor adjustments

“If I win - I am going to instruct the American people are going to demand my Deputy AG to get a special prosecutor to look into our situation bc there’s never been anything like our lies.”

“Please president trump, it’s too much “winning”! We can’t take it anymore!”

The ghost of seth rich is really going to put a damper on the DNC’s party. the russia narrative go bye bye, and the light is shining back on his murder conspirators. play with fire, sometimes you get burned.


Yes the same Seth rich that his family has asked the Trump conspiracy theorists to stop digging in their wound well done

^i think they’ll be interested in the truth.

The truth like when you people dragged the Sandy Hook Elementary kids parents through that experience again claiming they were paid actors by the dems to do gun control. Everything is a conspiracy but when Trump is possibly involved with a foreign country its laughable.

I don’t know anything about sandy hook. I do know that multiple sources are claiming rich is the wikileaks source and this Kim guy seems likely to provide proof. If true we know why he was murdered and it will be a huge blow to the Russia narrative in the court of public opinion, to the point where people like you will be tossed in the same dustbin as the birthers.