Kap is now the face of Nike

So, Colin Kaepernick has been chosen as the poster child for Nike’s 30th anniversary campaign of “Just Do It.”

Obviously, hatred and vitriol come forth.

Nike closed at 82.20 on Friday. I’m curious as to how it performs today.

My first thought (after the initial putrid sight Kap’s picture again): Why would they do that? This guy wasn’t very good even when he played. (He was good for one year, I guess.) He hasn’t played in two years. Why would you risk pissing off so many customers–including the NFL, who has been trying to sweep this under the rug?

What were they thinking? Especially when there are so many other better athletes? (Jason Witten comes to mind.)

there is a lot that makes zero sense until you realize we are in Revelation and all masks are off. Literally, agendas are no longer able to operate in the dark. I’ve been saying for almost 2 years that it is time for everyone to choose. This is a perfect example.

Unemployment - Just Do It

They were probably thinking this would get them an ungodly amount of press and buzz. Seems like they were right about that.

^Yeah - and if you’re an upstart company that nobody’s ever heard of, then there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

But Nike is far from a small, unheard-of company. Bad press is…bad press.

Nike is a buy this morning too.

nike brand is amazin but nke i expensive. why would anyone buy this shit.

however it might work out in their favor from the perspective of making athletes want to sign with them more since they might agree with the stance the company is taking. if they can poach a few top athletes from UA or this allows them to sign the next LeBron it works out for them.

What is Nike’s customer demographic in the US? If they have more black guys who buy $400 sneakers than white midwest guys, then it might make sense.

I also think they’re looking to curry favor with the other athletes, Lebron, Steph, etc. It’s all about getting the athletes for NKE.

Exactly. Just because you think it’s bad press, Greenman, doesn’t mean that’s everyone perspective.

I don’t know. Seems like a unnecessary risk without knowing their customer demographics

There is truly nothing funnier than angry white dudes destroying their own stuff to own the libs, then turning around and calling everyone a snowflake.

Bro you just cut your socks in half, while wearing them. What are we even doing here.

im pretty sure Nike knows exactly what they are doing. the greenman of the world are a tiny protesting minority who love their new balance shoes.

the best part is seeing these idiots burn their merch or cut off the nike swoosh. idiots: you already paid for it

Nike stock is down today, reflecting the risk of this marketing strategy. However: 1) I’m sure Nike has spent a lot of time analyzing the probable impact to sales, 2) they have lots of data that is unavailable to market participants, and 3) this company is genius at marketing - probably better than any other company, period.

So, I would give them some benefit of doubt on this. Of course, we won’t know how it turns out until later.

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I bought shares today!

This was a huge miscalculation on their part, good luck selling Air Jordan’s in El Paso now Nike!

We’re watching an expertly scripted movie. The good guys are in full control. They can’t just come out and say it. You have to figure it out on your own.


here is where the light is intended to shine:


the good guys are really smart. Trust.