Kap is now the face of Nike

What exactly did Kap sacrifice?

This is an intriguing statement. Are we talking tube socks? And cutting them lengthwise or half way up your calf? The former would result in totally non-functional socks, but the latter would still work fine. And while wearing them? I’m pretty sure I could do either without inflicting bodily harm to myself, maybe.

That’s a good one though. I’m going to have to think on it.

millions of dollars in the lucrative market for being a serviceable backup QB

This is true.

I don’t have a problem with the kneeling. My problem is most, if not all, the players that do won’t talk about their stance or offer opinions on how to resolve the issues they’re protesting. Even when owners are offering to match donations made to charities if the players will stand, I think only two have taken them up on it.

Kind of reminds me of the Occupy Wall Street movement. No clear direction, demands, message, or leadership. Just a bunch of people making noise and ultimately accomplishing nothing. What makes the NFL situation worse is these guys have millions of dollars. They could pay a team of experts to solidify their movement but they don’t bother. Why? What good is protesting if no one knows what the problem is or how they’d like to see it fixed. The most we get is “race relations.” Okay…what am I supposed to do with that?

We sorta came to a middle ground where he would take a knee alongside his teammate. Soldiers take a knee in front of a fallen brother’s grave, you know, to show respect. When we’re on a patrol, you know, and we go into a security halt, we take a knee, and we pull security.

  • Nate Boyer, Green Beret veteran and ex-NFL player.


yea the intent is never to find a resolution or make improvements (among the controllers/financial backers - not necessarily the pawns – unless you’re a paid antifa actor, then you’re just a piece of sh!t mercenary) – see Occupy, Antifa, BLM, and every other Soros op. It’s to keep people in a perpetually agitated state. Keep them emotional, keeps them from realizing they are host to parasites. Make sense? It always does when you take the right perspective!

While Occupy eventually fizzled out due to lack of leadership you cite, I think you can draw a pretty straight line between the movement and the populist left that has emerged in American politics. The Sanders campaign has used a lot of the same rhetoric and considering the positions he and similarly minded social democrats were in a few years ago, you could say they’ve been successful with it.

I think it’s myopic to demand immediate results from those kneeling. They’re protesting an institution, the police state, that is effectively the right hand of the ruling class. This isn’t going to be something that just flips over night or in between quarterly earnings calls. Maybe you see the difference in the criminal system more broadly, with progressive DAs (Philly) or the end of cash bail (California) as the vanguard of a movement that seeks to remedy institutional racial injustices.

^Pretty deep sht for a guy with five AF points.

I don’t follow sports at all, but from what I’ve heard Kap is very active in volunteering, donating, etc. Unless I’ve heard several sources tell the same lies, it does seem he is authentic

He’s active now. He wasn’t when he started sitting (didn’t kneel until the fourth game). And, a fun fact, the first two games he sat during the anthem no one noticed nor did he say anything. I just find it odd he only made a statement about racial injustice after people got mad at him. Generally protesters are more proactive when it comes to getting their message out. But, as I mentioned above, these guys haven’t been great at doing that anyway so maybe it’s not surprising.

I heard that guy didn’t even vote in the last election LOL

to be fair, he was also what 24 when it started? i cant imagine there are ANY 24 year old who can fully comprehend the amount their actions impact others/how they may be perceived. Heck even significantly older people & companies who have been in their fields for much longer do a pretty poor job (remember when apple told their users the signal didnt suck they were just using the phone incorrectly?) i cant imagine he had a team of people around him like LeBron crafting his image & handling pr for him.

Yeah but who cares I mean maybe it prompted him to get more involved. People will nitpick anything, if you haven’t donated both kidneys by your 18th birthday everything you say and how you say it is illigitimate.

This thread should be locked for tasteless sh i tposting.

He’s a QB that took his team to the Super Bowl. Yes, he definitely had a team of people around him. Every major athlete - and that would be all 32 starting QBs by default - has a team of handlers.

Meh just sour grapes crybabies. He took a heartfelt action in response to social events that has since been picked up and proliferated across sports, garnered widespread attention and had two presidents address it directly. Now he’s the face of a Nike campaign. People don’t like it, it was simple, effective and achieved as much as a single person’s act of protest possibly could. He also did it in an exposed way, took some personal costs as a result. He was 24 then and has since followed through on it. The bar seems to be, “he should have done something that would have been widely effective and recognized while not offending or impacting anybody” which is laughably dumb. He did a great job by any metric, particularly for someone his age.

This thread is hateful trolling and rehashing old conversations, but since STL agrees with it we’ll let it ride.

I miss the days when politics was boring



dubya’s smirk

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I saw a tweet saying some large percentage of Nike consumers are young. If the stat is true, I could see the positive impact outweigh the negative. Still seems like playing with fire